Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Trash talkin'....

I was surfing around the other day and discovered a random blog (won't name names) that seems bent on trashing other random blogs that the author runs across. Guess whose blog was at the top o'the page and commented upon? Yes, that would be mine. Here's a section of what was written about ole Tripping Toward Lucidity...

"...get yourself some rechargable batteries, take a Midol, and, um... I detect pent-up sexual frustration so might want to rub one out or get you some trim real soon. But whatever you do, DO NOT take out your angst on innocent electronic devices, that just adds the pain of having done something stupid to the rest of the mix, and it accomplishes nothing. So lighten-up, knuckle-down, put some out, and stick it in -- sage advice straight from... "

Now, one might think I would be angry to see my angst called out in the depths of the blogosphere, but alas, I had myself a hearty chuckle once I got over the astounding rhetorical craftsmanship the blogger exhibits. Let me briefly address the commentary point by point.

1. "get yourself some rechargeable batteries" - CHECK!
2. "take a Midol" - I prefer Aleve, which I've made abundantly clear here.
3. "I detect pent-up sexual frustration" - no fuckin' shit. There's a reason I've been labeled "the perv" amongst my friends, and my nightstand houses more hardware than Bob Vila's garage.
4. "angst" - you know where the "next blog" button is, champ!

Listening: "Something Beautiful"...Cauterize

Edit: Someone just found my blog by searching "men in panties." I don't really dig that. I'm more into men wearing eyeliner.


  1. hum, the so-called sage advise sounds more like the pot calling the kettle black; it is an angsty post about an angsty poster.

  2. I can top that. someone found my blog by searching for "forced to eat dirty panties"


  3. Can we get a link to your new friend?

  4. Yeah--we want the guy's site!

  5. I haven't been the same since someone found my blog by searching for black girls/porn. It's about George Bush.

    I need this guy's blog name so I have someone to torment next time I'm in the mood.

  6. This person has a real way with words. He's (I'm guessing) kinda like Dr. Seuss. . . in a freestyling competition.

  7. [snerk] I just love those twats who can only feel good about themselves if they're attempting to trash someone else. I think he needs some good masturbation time so he'll stop wanking all over the internet.

    And for shits and giggles, a couple of the more interesting search strings from my main site's stats. I don't think anyone actually googles my blog. ;)

    mmm my nipples are so hard mmm
    Pretty general.

    doogie houser scrotum
    Oh holy christ. Break out the brain bleach! I think that just might be the worst search string I've had yet.

  8. Fem, amen!

    Amanda, holy crap! That's a great one!

    J., Os, Suzz--no, no. I'm taking the high road here. The twat (good word, Gypsy Poet) hasn't posted since May 24th anyway, so maybe he petered out (no pun intended) after me.

    Suzz, I'm still traumatized by that search on yours!

    X., nice comparison! Never gonna get that picture of Seuss freestyling out of my head now.

    DOOGIE HOUSER SCROTUM!?!! Sweet buttery Jesus, that's abhorrant. Double, triple, ick to the nth degree!

  9. Well once you got a laugh out of it no harm, plus from your extracts it doesn't seem too malicious, more poking fun. Which can be a good thing.

    I did come across a review blog that totally trashed each and every blog it reviewed, and in a trying-to-be-funny-but-failing mean sort of way.

  10. ROFL! I get all kinds of weird searches as well. Ugh!

  11. I still can't figure out how in the name of cheese someone found my site while searching for Doogie Howser's (they even misspelled it, and yes, I am enough of a spaz to remember how to spell it right) scrotum.

    There were also a few choice phrases about what Wolverine was doing to a particular orifice belonging to Cyclops, but I left those out. Didn't want to offend those with more delicate sensibilities. ;)

  12. Fence, good point. It's very 12-year-old-boy, which I can handle. :)

    Tiff, it makes you wonder what on earth the person was thinking!

    GP, LOL re: Wolvie and Cyclops! You just never know what people are gonna search for!

  13. holy fuck, thats one of the best things ever.

    i am assuming this blog writer is a 14 year old boy with a masturbation fixation?

  14. Cold, very likely! He probably hasn't posted since May 24th because he has a buildup of vaseline on his hands so extensive that he cannot type.

    AMS, you wicked, wicked girl!

  15. I love your take on what the reviewer wrote! The best way to "get even" with people who like to flame on is to just poke fun. Like posting nasty emails and poking fun of them or recapping a post and making fun. I'll leave one of my favorite quotes (although probably cited incorrectly as I don't remember the exact line)

    "For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?"

  16. Kitty,
    I'm a big fan of poke-funnery, so I agree wholeheartedly. And I love that quote! Must have it tattooed on my person at some point.

  17. I think I know the blog you're talking about. I think I stumbled on it once. Oh well, I enjoy your writing and I appreciate the fact that you have so much hardware in your nightstand.

  18. ha ha ha ha ha...that is the funniest shit ever. Hey, whatever he, it, she, needs to get material to blog about...how about get a life! They suck. We love your blog, we know what it's about and we wouldn't stick around if we didn't. I think everyone gets the occasional asshole. It's all good. We love you Andi - ALEVE, angst, sexual frustration and all...

  19. LOL, thanks Sole. I appreciate my hardware, too!

    Funkay, thanks chica!! :)

  20. Wow....sounds like the little man really needs to feel important! LOL

    And eeeeewwwww on what your blog is found by! LOL

  21. I wouldn't mind looking at Doogie's scrotum. He's pretty hot.

  22. LOL, Vixen. Little man syndrome I say.

    Kat, he is hot! He's one of those guys that I would prefer never speak, though. He annoys me when he opens his mouth. He needs to stand and look pretty.


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