Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ugg and Blah

I've officially run headlong into my finances and it's ugly, kids. I went shopping yesterday because I have no cute clothes (I wear the same shit all the time and it's beginning to develop holes). Ended up dropping multiple hundreds of dollars on clothes that could be worn for fun or work. It was a good investment. I keep telling myself that. But the reality is still multiple hundreds of dollars. Luckily I get my fat Summer I check next week. I have shopper's guilt fo' sho. Especially after I took the time to consolidate some loans today. Good financial decision, but seeing all those numbers together on paper is enough to make a girl wanna suck on the tailpipe of the closest American-made automobile.

Now, to make me feel better, look at my pretties and tell me how worth my $$$ they are...

2 pairs of dressy capris (black and army green), one blue/green polo, black polo (not pictured), one red/white off the shoulder twofer thingy, brown one too (not pictured), red/goldish brocaded concoction...sort of a tunic, flowy whatever (far right). And two pairs of jeans (not pictured).

Another pic of the tunic red, flowy, brocaded number. Can be dressy or paired with jeans/heels for a night working at the cat house.

A flesh/black lacy Asian-inspired shirt, the red stripey wrappy shirt (my personal fave) with a chocolate cami to go underneath. Brown flauncy sandals (wedges) and acid green kitten heels. Two necklaces: the green, cream, chocolate big honkin' beads, a delicate red/pinky/brown beaded necklace that you can't see in this pic, and the very Indian'ish bronze/red danglies sitting atop the kitten heels.

I love my new clothes. Now I just wish I didn't have to pay for them.


  1. You seem to have a thing for pink/red. It'll be well worth the $$, only if we ever get to see you wearing any of it!

    Your finance situation is similar to what I'm going through. Loan consolidation is the smart move, but the numbers can be pretty intimidating. Good luck to you!

    Do we get to hear about your little pissy post from last night??

  2. OoOOOoo, pretty indeed! I never feel guilty about buying clothes, unless it's something I know I'm probably not going to wear but want it anyway. Makeup on the other hand...

    LOVE the red stripey wrappy shirt!

  3. In the famous words of Daffy Duck-"consequences, schmonsequences, as long as I'm rich." Ok, so this quote is slightly off. How about in the words of Billy Crystal impersonating Fernando Lama on Saturday Night Live-"It is better to look good than to feel good you know what I mean, and let me just say, you look marvelous." Not doing the trick, let's try play now, pay later. How about the wisdom of Cartman from South Park-"whatever, I do what I want."
    Don't worry about it Andi, I don't. When you put on your pretties, the guilt will pass and all will be velly, velly goood. I have more clothes than I can shake a stick at. In fact, I am going to clean out my closet soon so I can buy more clothes, would you like first dibs? Anyway, you are going to look fabulous-can't wait to see you in them. TTFN

  4. You know what? this makes me want to go shopping hee, hee.

  5. Clothes shopping is always fun, except that it can get rather expensive.

    Really cute stuff though!

    And don't feel too guilty. It's only money after all. You can't take it with you when you kick the bucket so you might as well have fun with it.

  6. Os, no no. Pink is purely an accident. Hate it. Red, on the other hand, = love. And no info about the pissy post from last night except to say that it has nothing to do with my bloggy peeps.

    Heather, thanks! The stripey/wrappy is my fave. It's so luscious. The fabric is heaven. I plan to pair it with the green capris and the green heels. And some green accented jewelry. It simply glows against the red and gives me a full-on clothesgasm.

    Fem, you crack me up. Thank you dahling. And you totally inspired a large %'age of this clothing. I'm taking my inspiration from your sparkly earrings and embroidery and pretties. You're the wind beneath my wings.

    Thanks, E.! And I'll remind myself that it's just money when the loan people are tracking me down with a team of angry dogs. Maybe they'll be blinded by my sequined wedges.

  7. Think of it as 'retail therapy'... it keep you sane and looking good!
    Sometimes, ya just gotta do it and clean up the mess later...
    I love, love, love the red tunic!!!

  8. "And I'll remind myself that it's just money when the loan people are tracking me down with a team of angry dogs."

    You can come and hide out at my house. I'm more than willing to store a fugitive.

  9. I really love your new clothes! I did something similar over Memorial Day. My finances are awful, but I desperately needed nicer summer and work-appropriate clothes. Plus living in Texas again means that I get my money's worth with summer clothes. (In MN, it got cold before I could enjoy them.)

  10. You shop like an Amanda. I buy in outfits. Now -- Pink and Red. But I remember a few months back you bought greenish earth tones. I lurv your pretty clothes.

  11. they are booooootiful!!! love them. makes me want to get myself further into debt just so i can look purty!

  12. You have such great taste in clothes. I wish I had some fashion sense, but alas, all I wear are jeans, t-shirts and sandals.

    I do break down and get decent clothes for church. At least I can be semi-hot then ;)

  13. Addict, I agree! And thanks!

    E., you're a kind soul. I'll bring the vodka for the hiding out party.

    Thanks, Vixen! I'm obsessed with greens lately. And red, always.

    Amanda, I have to shop in outfits, otherwise I end up with a load of random crap and nothing to put it with. I'm neck-deep in a love affair with green. Red is an ongoing affair. We just got our trim painted red and my bedroom is red. If I had my way, the whole house would be red. Oh, and I'm wearing a red polo, with a red windbreaker, and my hair is red. Woot!

    Purl, that is SO true. I rarely ever even bother with winter clothes. I can wear summer ones and throw on a jacket when necessary, which isn't very often! I'm gonna love Illinois (crosses fingers) and their nipple-chillin' winters. I love winter clothes.

    Thanks, AMS! Go ahead and shop. Poverty loves company.

    Heatheroo, I have a closet full of cute clothes. Wanna know what I'm wearing now? A polo, jeans, and sandals with my hair in pigtails. I'm totally a t-shirt/jeans kind of girl, but I'm going to attempt to be cute in the fall since I'm teaching at the uni. Urrg.

  14. Still lovin' the colors, Andi. Very vivid and eye catching in a "look at me I'm a hot intelligent chick" way. :)

  15. Thank you muchly, Vixen. Think I should throw on my heart pendant with the nails through it? Is that too much? lol

  16. That would be nice, wouldn't it? (the not having to pay part!) Actually you did a helluva job, those are some fun, funky, stylin' clothes!

  17. Thanks, Carl! Can't wait to wear 'em!

  18. Oooooh, so many pretty things! Don't suck on a tailpipe, please. With a wardrobe like that, life is worth living. Now, my closet is worth a leap off the bridge. Next time I'm in Dallas, I'm calling you to help me shop!!!

  19. Bookfool, you'd better call me the next time you're in Dallas! We'll hit up the HUGE Half-Price Books and blow our life savings.

  20. Ooooh, huge bookstore with the name Half Price? I like it already. Don't worry; I'll call when I get there. It may be while, though, now that the van died. You have to have a van to go to Dallas 'cause of IKEA, ya know. :)

  21. cute outfits. I'm a tunic girl myself!


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