Thursday, June 15, 2006

A whole bunch of nothin'...

That's right. Since the last time I posted I've been pretty worthless. I've done a lot of fun stuff, but nothing to chip away at the big pile of revision I should be doing, or any pre-reading for Summer II.

Yesterday I spent the morning ripping and burning CD's for Elise. I'm spreading the love that is country music with her (Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss). Also threw in some John Mayer (Try!) and Mindy Smith (alt-country/folk).

Elise and Jeremy came over yesterday afternoon and we had our weekly swim party. There were drinks and a rubber swim cap. I put on the best show of amateur synchronized swimming I can recall from recent memory. There was flailing, hopping, and my patented "water whip" using an empty Smirnoff Ice bottle and pool water. Alas, there are no pictures, so you'll just have to use your imagination to the best of your ability. I'm sure whatever you come up with couldn't even begin to touch the assinineanimity of it all.

Post-party I spent the evening fidding around (can't remember what the hell I did). Finished Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. I had a few random (but good) thesis ideas that I need to flesh out.

As of now, since Elise talked to Grad Director, it looks like I'll be taking one course in the Fall, six hours of thesis, and working my ass off the rest of the time with teaching and conferences (putting on and attending).

If all goes well, I'll be in Savannah, Georgia in October for Southeast Popular Culture. If anyone is around there, lemme know! Amanda, I know you're in G-vegas but I have no clue about Georgia geography, so lemme know if it's anywhere close.

Listening: this song in my head that I heard on the radio, and I can't remember the artist's name!!!!


  1. Forgetting song titles/artists is one of the first signs that senility is setting in...

    Very much looking forward to pics, nay, VIDEO, of this patented "water whip"! Work on that for next week, please!

  2. Andi? Senile? She's not even thirty yet, Obasso.

    Andi, it sounds to me like you're enjoyng the summer. And I hope you keep on enjoying the summer before that hectic fall schedule sets in.

  3. Os, we shall see. I'm very protective of my swim cap. :)

    X, I shall most definitely enjoy the summer. I'm milking the pool for all its worth and look like quite the toasted baguette right about now. And I'm enjoying the reading what I WANT to read. If that could go on forever, I'd be thrilled.

  4. Oh Andi - why don't you go do yourself with one of your dildo's and stop all the angsty chatter...Umm, kidding.

    Okay, I ask god every day why he couldn't give me a voice like Natalie Maines'. WHY GOD WHY?

    I want to go to the pool! That sounds like so much FUN!

  5. ANDI! I just got something HOUSE-y that I want to send you. Email me.

  6. Whahahaha, Funkay, you crack me up. And I would trade a big, important organ for Nat's voice. She's amaaazing. And pooling does sound fun right now. Better than staring at these here 4 walls at work. I'm even tired of computing. I think I'll read.

  7. Funkay, you've been e-mailed. You said the magic word!

  8. double damn! I live about 4 hours from Savannah. I'm the northern ga region and that's far south ga.

    When I talked to the Coffe Shop of Horrors guy in April he said he was relocating the shop to Savannah. So if you see it have a cup of something frothy and sweet for me!

  9. Damnedy damn! I will certainly patronize the Shop O'Horrors if I run across it. And I might even read there, too!

  10. I love, love, love the Dixie Chicks album "The Long Way Around." Allison Krause kind of made me sad, though I will agree that she has a kick ass voice and overall the music was pretty good. I haven't really gotten a chance to listen to the others just yet.

  11. Yay! Glad you like The Long Way Around. It's my favorite out of all of them and my perpetual CD of the moment.

  12. Definitely not in GA but if you ever make it out to CA, call me! Holla! :)

    If you care for country, do you like older stuff like Waylon and Willie and Cash et. al? If so, we should do some music swappin'!


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