Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Battle Royal

Matted fur and a nightstick will put my meerkat heads and tails above Charles' pansy ass newt and his poisonous secretions. Mark my word. Say hello to Orlando...the meerkat furthest to the right.

Uncle Petemoss here will be playing the dramatic battle music.


  1. I kidnapped Uncle Petemoss right after this picture was taken; if you want him back alive I demand 5k and a one-way ticket to Borneo. I send his small pinky toe as a sign of the seriousness of my demand.

  2. *gasp*

    You heathen brunch clubbin' kidnapper, you. I know the toe is a scam since he lost both in a tragic cotton picking accident!

  3. Oh my deity, Uncle Peatmoss is adorable. Does he do Fleetwood Mac?

  4. Heather, he does in fact! Gypsy is his favorite.

  5. I can tell just by looking at it that that guitar isn't tuned properly.

  6. Someone has a bit too much time on their hands!

  7. Hysterical. I'm signing up. ;-)

  8. I loooooove Uncle Petemoss. He's a hottie!!

    My money is on Orlando. Kiss that newt gooooodbye!

  9. Watch out for Greg the 20 foot long fighting tapeworm.

    He can actually infest all everyone else's animals

  10. HA HA HAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god! I almost choked on my water when I opened your page!

  11. im a little afraid for you right now....

  12. X, I'll have you know that Uncle Petemoss is an excellent musician, and he would never let his instrument be so unloved as to be out of tune. I never!

    Os, says the man who invented Half-Nekkid Thursday! Leave my fighting mascots alone.

    rrramone..pick your poison (animal). :)

    Heather, that's what I like to hear!!!!

    Thanks, Tan!

    Elise, but what can he do once he infests us? Make us gorge ourselves to death?

    Kestrel, aren't they? I lurv 'em hard!

    Funkay, I live for making my readers spew their drinks. It puts a smile on my face (and Uncle Petemoss's).

    Cold, don't be skeered! Join the madness!

  13. A-

    Actually Greg the fighting tapeworm will likely make you gay. And he'll make you vomit too.

  14. *vomit*....gay

    Such is life. *blurg*


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