Saturday, July 15, 2006

Conversion in the evening....

It's official....I'm a full-fledged Rogues fan. They were amazing. AMAZING! If anyone is anywhere near a place where they play...ever...go. Seriously, you have to. Even if you think bagpipes and drums aren't your bag, swallow your disbelief and fucking go.

MacHenry's may also be my new favorite bar, which means surpassing Scruffy's in Waco (maker of my favorite shot, the Catholic Schoolgirl). That says a lot kids. Everything was really casual and fun. The place was full but not painfully packed, they had Cherry Cheesecake shots on special (cranberry juice and vanilla schnapps...very mild), and I was downing Woodchuck cider like there was no tomorrow. It could've been the longest sustained bagpipe-n-cider induced buzz in the history of the world. We whooped and hollered and played a potato (GP and Brad did anyway) and chatted with the band members between sets (they played 3).

I can also report that I felt a full-on, four-alarm attraction for one of the bagpipe guys. A full-on, four-alarm attraction to a stranger rarely happens to me. I'm sort of a ditz when it comes to attraction...I don't really register it until I've known someone for a ridiculously long time and then it all hits me in a rush. But no. Full-on FOUR ALARM hotness in the pub last night kids. 6'7", red hair, scruffy, bagpipes, kilt, lived in a yurt for a bit, Masters of Religion from Yale. And married (as GP reminded me on several occasions). And a sweet guy. Very nice.

Why the FUCK haven't I found a 6'7" Yale-grad bagpipe player? At least now I know it's a possibility and I can keep an eye out.

Excellent night! They'll be back in November, and Andi will be in the front row celebrating having her thesis proposal/defense and comps done. And playing a potato.


  1. Yurts are pretty cool--that's a big thing in the NC mountains, you know. Some of them are pretty delux--including fireplaces. Nice spot to go to for a weekend of libational debauchery--in the case of a kilt wearer I suppose that would mean with a bottle of Glenlivett or Glenfiddich. ;)

  2. Sounds like you had a good time, and a good lookin' guy in a kilt is very sexy! Did ya find out, by any chance, what they wear under them? LOL

    Have a great weekend sweety! I have a new url, btw.

  3. There really is just something about a man in a kilt isn't there?

  4. Maybe we can find you a bagpipe player in Savannah...

  5. What about Groundskeeper Willy from the Simpsons--he had a kilt didn't he?

  6. Really, Charles? I didn't know there was a big bunch of yurters in NC. It sounds pretty heavenly to me and plays into my fantasies of leaving my worldly possessions behind (save books and internet of course) and "roughin'" it. And I'm all about the libational debauchery.

    Vix, love the new site! I didn't find out what they wear under 'em but for a moment--as he was doing a jig--I thought I was gonna get a look.

    Sassy, yes there is. But I was even more enamored with his 6'7" tallness. :D

    Elise, I'm game. I'll have my eyes peeled.


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