Saturday, July 01, 2006

Estella's Revenge, Issue #4: "Freedom"

Click the pic to get in bed with Estella's Revenge!

Isn't Heather's cover graphic luscious?? I can't stop looking at it. Very vintage sexy. Great big pat on the back to all the writers. I think they may have outdone themselves.

New linky buttons available here.

I'm off to bed. Been workin' on getting the 'zine online for about...oh...7 hours. My eyes are fried.

Listening: "Adagio for Strings"....Samuel Barber


  1. Woot! I love it when the new editions are up!

  2. There's so much stuff in this issue. It's awesome.

  3. AWESOME!!!
    im reading it now
    FULLY loving 'Manhood and Disney Movies'

    GOOD job ladies!!

  4. :D I hope you like it, Vixen!

    Elise, I know! This issue is packed!

    Charles, don't compliment me! I just coded it. :) You did awesome work, in this edition, though!

    Gus, isn't that great! Jeremy will be flattered.


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