Sunday, July 16, 2006

Heathen Brunch Club #1

While today was my first time attending the Heathen Brunch Club, Charles and Jake have actually practiced this delightful gathering for the last couple of weeks. Lil E, Beth, and I all played our parts in the debauchery today, and I have to say, it was a damn good time. In approximately 10 hours the 6 of us consumed 10 bottles of champagne (roughly) in the form of mimosas as well as a case of beer. And I had my flask of rum. No alcohol poisoning to report, and Tessa remains unspoiled (Charles's dog). In addition to a treat for the liver, it was also a celebration for the palate. We ate smoked salmon, cucumber salad, and a tomato/basil/onion concoction for actual brunch, while Jake whipped out some bacon-wrapped chicken stuffed with basil, tomato, and cheese for dinner. Next week: wings.

I think I'll get horizontal and let the alcohol play ping-pong with my colon. At least I didn't eat a habanero pepper like two others I know. Blessings on your respective morning deuces.

Listening: "Good is Good"...Sheryl Crow

Edit: 12:12am and I can't sleep. I'm listening to music and it's not helping. I even tried reading the Derrida book and I'm finding binaries and undecidables ridiculously fascinating (not that binaries are anything new, but I hadn't really heard of undecidables even though we're in the business of undecidables).


  1. Habanero no likey me--NO LIKEY DAMMIT!

  2. Whahahahah. Surpriiiiise surprise. You need to build your tolerance to peer pressure.

  3. mmmmm smoke it! Sounds like you had a blast, and I'm glad! Great way to unwind!

  4. Vix, the salmon was muy excellente. And it was velly velly nice to unwind. Couldn't get much more unwound than today.

  5. A-

    Yes, I would have to agree that the indocrination to today's heathen brunch club was a damn good time.

    I woke up on the couch a little while ago. I think I'm going to read in a little bit.

    You know I have to say it: Don't be such a baby. You loved the habaneros. Perhaps we continue the pepper-eating contest at work. If nothing else, it might just give us a reason to run out of the WC in tears when the dreaded prof decides to harass.

  6. undecidables. Is that a specific muggle breed?

  7. sounds like a tasty brunch. I find when I'm having trouble sleeping, watching an old movie favorite usually helps (like Dazed and Confused or Clueless :)

  8. I like the sound of this group, a worthy cause.

  9. Habanero peppers...


    That takes balls.

  10. Sounds like a luscious nap, E!

    Amanda, not quite, but I think it should be now!

    Kitty, funny you should mention Clueless! I just bought it on DVD a few weeks ago. My late night movie helpers are You've Got Mail and For Love of the Game, among others.

    Cold, it's quite the good time bunch.

    Kat, that it does. I don't have the nads for it, I know that.

  11. If you can't fall asleep reading Derrida, hen something's seriously wrong.

  12. X, isn't that the truth? I think I have a condition.


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