Thursday, July 06, 2006

I can't SLEEEEP!

Had a meeting with Thesis Director today and found out I'll be team teaching the Childrens Lit/Film class with her. This is great news, but it means a lot more work. Which is fine. But then we talked about thesis and I'm stressing because I wonder if I should change my topic before I get too deep in this whole process. *pulls hair out*

I needed to read for the aforementioned thesis and class tonight, but what did I do instead? Shopped for vintage music t-shirts online. I have a Bob Dylan and The Who earmarked. I want them. They're sexy.

Got my hair cut today, and upon leaving the shop I found out exactly how many ways one can weave the word "cunt" into a sentence. The hair is cute enough, whatever, but it's NOT what I ordered. Way too short, way more layered, and quite enough to piss me off. It is still stripey, and for that I thank the chlorine gods for not completely fucking it up.

Tomorrow is the first day of the second summer session at the junior college. A girl I went to high school with is registered for the class I'm teaching. That should be nice and weird. If you're reading this and went to high school with me, feel free to e-mail me to find out who the hell I'm talkin' about.

I've been unable to sleep and aimlessly wandering around my bedroom wearing my green heels of love. Why? I say why not! I've also been playing loudish music and bouncing around, flipping my too-short hair, and singing (I've been bopping/flipping to The Fray, Duncan Sheik, Beth Orton, Annie Lennox, Pat Benatar, et al).

I have a vision of myself walking into my first class as a teacher of freshman composition at the university in a pair of black capris, a Who t-shirt, and a black pin-stripe jacket. And acid green heels. With a new nose stud. You'd feel lucky to have a teacher like that, yes? At least I'm not (probably not) gonna wear the heart pendant with the nails through it.

I would like to be doing a little kissin' right now. I have someone in mind, but he's in his late 40's and a television STAR.

It's probably creepy that I adore him as much as I do, but I throw creepiness to the wind. Hugh Laurie is beautiful. OK, so what truly pushed me over the edge into this full-on lust for sex above the neck was a simply ravishing kissing scene in this week's repeat. *whoagod* I haven't posted a pic of him in quite a while. I'm due.

JEFF, if you're reading this, e-mail me. *unrelated to the above Hugh Laurie horniness*

Listening: "Girl from the North Country"...Johnny Cash w/Bob Dylan...trying to wind down.

And I'm onboard with this Heidegger business. I've never read him but I absolutely--positively even--use hyphens too much and I make up words all the time (assininymity!).

What 20th Century Theorist are you?

You are Martin Heidegger! Your reputation is stained a bit by the fact that you were a member of the Nazi party, but your groundbreaking Being and Time is still read by a whole lot of people. You overuse the hyphen, and make up a lot of words. You died in 1976.
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  1. Don't you just love being the only person who is restless and awake late at night/early morning?

    I didn't get nearly as much done last night as I should have. Instead I read some more of Messenger when I should have been doing more research for the thesis proposal.

    I've recently rediscovered just how much I love the Counting Crows. I kind of forgot about them for awhile though that's pretty much the only thing I've been listening to.

    And those green heels are damn sexy.

  2. Who the hell is Jacques Lacan?

  3. Damn, I started breathing heavy when you said late 40s...

    Was hoping to see a picture of the hair debacle. Or at least the green heels.

  4. Elise, I need to catch up on work today. I want to write the effin' proposal but I need to do more reading. Ugg!

    I think I'll listen to Hard Candy in the car on the way to work today. "American Girl" makes me wiggle.

    NonGF, a realy asswhippy philosopher. I haven't read his stuff, I've just had the 25 cent overview.

    Sorry Os! No pics yet.

  5. have to post a picture of your haircut. I got an extremely butchered one a month ago...I'll post one of mine if you'll post on of yours. Deal?

  6. Deal, Vix! I'll post one here in a bit when I get ready for work. Because jacked + slept upon = horrific.

  7. I'd be pretty stoked if one of my professors walked in dressed in a Who T-shirt and acid green heels. Last semester my female professor wore this nasty orange sweater all the time. As it turned out, I ended up disliking her more than her nasty sweater so it is important for a cool prof to demonstrate their coolness with cool clothing ;)

  8. Hmm I was Jaques Lacan. Who the fuck is he?

    I personally would be very impressed iwth a teacher with the aforementioned outfit. I LOVE vintage band tees, (but not skinnies. Oh how the music industry discriminates against the big-busted...) I have a Led Zepplin one that is probably my favourite piece of clothing.

  9. (1) One of my Master's advisors had, as a student, her ex-husand's current wife. Now THAT was weird.

    (2) Hair grows back.

    (3) I think it's the British accent, and the misanthropy of the title character. You'll get over it, in time.

    (4) I almost knew from the start that this thing would label me as Michel Foucault (well, either him or Gramsci). Truth be told, however, the20th Century philosopher that I most emulate, INHO, is Richard Pryor.

  10. I'm Franz Fanon. Whoever that is.

    And I want to see the green heels, too.

    And a bit of smooching does sound nice right about now, doesn't it? [sigh]

  11. I haven't been able to sleep either..for different reasons. I'm with OS on wanting a pic. So...?

  12. LOL, Kitty. I knew I could count on you to lead me in the right direction.

    GG, Lacan is an asswhip. Avoid him at all costs. As for the tees, they discriminate against the big busted and the big hipped, actually. Being hourglassy is a pain in the arse.

    1) that is very weird and quite uncomfortable sounding
    2) I know. I'm one of the most adventurous hair people I know (color, cuts, etc.), but I want what I want when I pay for it. GRR!
    3) You're absolutely right. It's fun to fantasize.
    4) You're my hero for emulating Richard Pryor. Briiiilliance!

    GP, you've got me stumped on Fanon. Never read any of his stuff apparently. I shall wear the green heels the next time I come over! I'll be 80 before I get another smooch. I can sense the dry spell.

    Sole, pic = done! And I hope it's a good lack of sleep. *winkety wink*

  13. Seems like quite a few of my fellow female litbloggers have a thing for Hugh Laurie!

    Did you know he narrates the audiobook for 'Three Men in a Boat'?

    And IMDB needs to put a better pic of him on his profile page!


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