Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I *heart*....

Mom and I were talking tonight--after she'd been ruffling through CafePress all day--and she told me about a t-shirt she almost ordered for me. Are you ready? Are you sitting? It said:

I *heart* Meerkats!

OH. MY. GOD. I have to find it again and order it for myself. I have something of a twisted love for meerkats ever since my last trip to the Dallas zoo a few months ago. They're dirty and spastic and cute.

While I was searching for "I *heart* Meerkat t-shirts online just now I found another CafePress shop that specializes in "I *heart*" shirts (although the Meerkats remain elusive). Here are my backups in case I never find the Meerkats.

I *heart* penguins!
I *heart* Jehovah's Witnesses!
I *heart* adverbs!

I can't explain my newborn obsession with funky tees, but these fit the bill I think. OK, fine, I'm secretly trying to give Goose's "Hogwarts Rocks!" t-shirt a run for its money.

Now, in real world news...

Haven't been online much the last couple of days due to real life goings on. Monday was my first day in the Children's Lit/Film class. Monday was intro day (no biggie), yesterday I was a tad nervous because I had to lead an introductory discussion on film and film terminology (went fine). Thesis Director was in some major pain yesterday, which turned to bigger pain and landed her in the hospital today. She called around 4:45 this afternoon after all day in the emergency room, so I took her home. It's lookin' like kidney stones at this point. I hope she'll stay home tomorrow and recoop a bit more before she jumps back in the classroom. But she's hard-headed and am sure that if she's not flat on her back she'll be there. But I can understand that given that I'm the same way. I only take off sick if I really don't wanna be somewhere or am on the verge of death (like taking off from the jc last night because I was in a pissy mood).

Speaking of last night's pissy mood, it got me in the mood to watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean which I give an enthusiastic 3 vibrator salute (kidding, shut your mouths).

Listening: "Bleeding Out"...Dishwalla

Update: 7:31pm -- I found the Meerkats!!!


  1. Meerkats are the shit--so are baby iguanas (iguani?) nothing up beside baby Jesi in a jar, however.

  2. Charles, I knew you were a kindred spirit. Iguani are enchanting for certain--especially the babies. I might just have to snap up the iguana shirt as well. I had someone tell me the baby Jesi in a jar was pushing the limits of blasphemy one which I replied, "But it's not the real Jesus. It's a replica."

  3. Let's hope your advisor holds up--at least until you can deposit the thesis.

    I'd be curious to know what kind of reception the "I *heart* Jehovah's Witnesses" shirts get.

  4. X, she'll be fine...she's tough. :) And if anything happens to her I won't have anyone to go see Dead Man's Chest with for a second time. Unless Elise wants to take me up on that *nudge*.

    As for the JH shirt. I think I'd likely be slapped by all those who have been bugged shitless in the past. I'm one of those people myself, but I'm willing to stir controversy.

  5. I need the I *heart* Jehovah's Witnesses t-shirt.

    Perhaps I could conveniently wear it the next time they come knocking on my door.

  6. Or how about an "I *heart* G's" tee? THAT would be a sight to behold!

  7. One friend told me that he drew a chalk outline of a body on the walk leading to his front door, and then littered his front lawn with religious pamphlets in order to scare away the JHs.

  8. Woohoo for the Meerkats! Isn't it an awesome feeling when you find exactly what you're looking for?


  9. X, that is a most brilliant plan! I think I'll implement that one next.

    Kestrel, that it is! Especially when it's something as odd as a Meerkat tee. :D

  10. "They're dirty and spastic and cute." Just like we like 'em.

  11. Don't you just *heart* the first Pirates movie? I was skeptical at first but the minute I saw Jack Sparrow sailing in on the top of his "ship", I fell in love. *sigh*

    Meerkats are kind of cute in a odd way.

  12. I *HEART* CafePress! That is one of the best sites ever. I just made a couple of my own baby onesies for friends:
    "baby earthling" and "nobody puts baby in the corner" - how fucking great is that? It's so fun, and cheap!!

  13. Kitty, I'm totally entranced now. There's no going back. And yes, him perched atop that ship cracked me up.

    Funky, cafepress IS definitely the best site ever. I love the "baby earthling" idea.

  14. Thought you might like this link re: meerkats.


  15. OMG, Heather! Love that article! Took one of the pics from the article and made it the "token meerkat of the day" pic up top.


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