Monday, July 24, 2006

My first true love....

Mostly done between 1999 and 2001, these are some of the pieces I concocted when I was an art student. For as long as I can remember I've read books and drawn/painted. When I was in high school I was dead set on this professor of literature thing. Until my art teacher took an interest in my work and pushed me to develop my skills. He afforded me the opportunity to attend the Art Institute of Chicago, and like a fucking moron I didn't snatch up the chance. Perhaps it was for the best in the end. Even though I'm here (and here is pretty unappealing sometimes) I know that writing and scholarship are my strengths. But art is still a big part of what I love. I contend that there's no better feeling than getting lost in one's own head. And paint. Or charcoal. Or pen/ink.

What brought on the gush of art love, you ask? I keep walking past the leather portfolio (which lives in my garage) that holds these, and I finally decided to take digital pics of them (because it's never a bad idea). I haven't looked at them in years, and it was a nice walk down memory lane.

Click the pics to see a larger version if there's one available.

This painting has been hanging over my bed since 2001'ish. This was the result of 4 hours on my back porch and a serious hard-on for Jackson Pollock.

Won an art show in Dallas with this one. Pastel (chalk). A still-life that I got really sick of, but that came somewhat alive in pastel.

They tortured us endlessly with skulls. This one is red conte crayon, charcoal, and coffee wash. Coffee wash = coffee sloshed on paper.

More skulls. A bone detail from another drawing.

A flower that caused me to miss a Valentine's Day out with D. I was devoted, what can I say?

Pen/ink. I fucking love pen and ink.

Straight from my sketchbook.


  1. Holy shit, Andi! You need to be having shows and selling those! You could make some serious dough! Seriously! Can't you tell I'm serious with all the !!! I'm using?!?


  2. I've commented on your work before and I think it's pretty damn good. I'd love to look at your portfolio the next time I'm at your house.

  3. LMAO, Vixen! I've made a little $$$ off of my artwork with commission pieces and such. Now it's a serious lack of time that keeps me from it, but someday I'll surely be independently (or independentlier) wealthy and can dabble in the visual arts.

    Or maybe I'll start carrying my sketchbook around again to get back in the groove.

  4. E.,
    Will do. Remind me! I forget shit.

  5. Hot damn, girl! You got skillz! I despise those with visual artistic talent! Only because I have none!

  6. Wow, you're really good. I've always wanted to paint.
    The second one is my favorite.

  7. I wish to hell I could be artistic... I can sorta draw "Toothpaste for Dinner" and "Natalie Dee" type characters and that's it.

    You're so freaking talented.

  8. Andi these are amazing. You were definitely gifted; with words and with visuals. You should write graphic novels or children's books. Seriously. Wow. I stand in awe.

  9. ok, I'm impressed! Now I expect you to step up your cute drawings on the board in the WC that's for sure.

  10. wow andi, those are fantastic.

  11. Andi these are terrific! As in I would part with money for them.

  12. Want to work on my childrens book with me? It's going to be awesome and I could really use your art skillz.

  13. Os, you're a velly talented HNT'er, and that takes some visual creativity fo'sho.

    Thanks, Kat! It's odd that I like to paint, given that I hate getting my hands dirty.

    Dale, :-P

    Amanda, I loooove toothpastefordinner style cartoons and stuff. I suck at that.

    Thanks, Heatheroo. I actually had an idea for a picture book earlier and I've completely forgotten it. Damn! It might've been my great contribution to literature.

    I started a board cartoon today, Fem. It blew so I stopped. I'm feeling the pressure to perform.

    Thanks, Cold!

    Suzz, I'll help you part with your $$$ any time you like. LOL :D Thank you.

    Kitty, e-mail me what you have in mind! I'm interested!

  14. Nice work, A-train. I would imagine that it would be difficult to find time to work on your art when you've got so many demands from grad school.

    Actually, I remember commissioning you to paint my portrait (a la Jonz), something you agreed to do at the time. Perhaps I'll buy you a 12 pack of Woodchuck and finally convince you to get started.

    Or maybe we'll just get drunk.

  15. Thanks, C.

    Jeremy, I was actually thinking this afternoon of a particular pic from Little Rock that would be PERFECT for your pimp portrait. Don't think I'm not planning and scheming. When you least expect it you'll appear on a wall in a purple velvet coat and a gold tooth.

  16. Oh, wow, total coolness! Andi, I'm with Heather - you should combine your skills and illustrate your own book. I'll even drive to your signing in Dallas and drag you to IKEA, afterwards. Come on, get going on it and don't make excuses because you get old too damn fast, I promise.

    Love your new profile pic!

  17. You are so talented. And sexy. I've told you you're sexy before, haven't I?

  18. Bookfool, thank you on all counts! I've thought about doing my own kiddie book, but I fear my talent for illustration is not as keen as my talent for more realistic works. And I have an aversion to realistically illustrated kiddie books. But we'll see! Maybe I'll have a stroke of inspiration. And IKEA is a deal!

    Todd, I don't think you've put it quite that way before. But I'll take it!

  19. Those are great! Each in their own way...

    I wrote a book too, but I can't even draw stick figures to go with it :(

  20. I have a feeling you'll return to this when your life settles down.

    Pretty pictures.

  21. You know it's really not fair when some people get all the talent!!! ;p

  22. Andi, I have a feeling some of our college years parralleled one another. I was also an art major. I need to go back and take some digital pic's of some of my old work just to have. And OHHH the SKULLS! I saw enough cow skulls for six lifetimes in college. I guess they were cheap/easily obtained?

    Anyway, Love your work. One of these days I'll post some of mine in honor of you!

  23. Andi, has anyone ever called your work "vaginal'?

  24. No one...go with collage to illustrate your book! It's perfect for a funky look!

    Thanks, X! I think you're right.

    Ha, Tan! You're one of the most talented people!

    Thanks, Funky! I would LOVE to see some of your work. And I'm really glad someone else had to endure the cow skulls too!

    Reese, they haven't, but I can see that. And I have a vagina, so it's easily relatable to my own experience!

  25. is there anything youre not good at??

  26. AMS, I'm most definitely not good at math. Math kicks my ass.

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