Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One bit, two bit, don't really give a shit.

The face of sloth.


I love fairy tales because I think it's funny that people read their kids stories that were originally about incest and death. And so many of them think Disney started it all.

Music that makes my heart feel like it's quivering is the good kind.

Stupid people should be dropped from planes to feed third world countries.

The best Onion headline at the moment: "Heroic Computer Dies to Save World from Master's Thesis." As long as my computer doesn't follow along it's funny.

I'm re-reading Transformations (Anne Sexton) for the umpteenth time. Because late night angst and Sexton go hand in hand.

Snippet from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" *sorry for the spaces...Blogger's being a coont.

No matter what life you lead

the virgin is a lovely number:

cheeks as fragile as cigarette paper,

arms and legs made of Limoges,

lips like Vin Du Rhone,

rolling her china-blue doll eyes

open and shut.

Open to say,

Good Day Mama,

and shut for the thrust

of the unicorn.

She is unsoiled.

She is as white as a bonefish.

Listening: "Teardrop"...Massive Attack


  1. God, I love your eyes...

    Happy HNT x

  2. But it's a CUTE slothy face!

  3. Pwitty sloth, Andi.

    I agree with your stupid people solution. However, what about all the stupid people in third-world countries? What would happen to them?

  4. that Anne Sexton bitch stole two thirds of my name - she had better not think shes going to get away with it grrrrrrr!

  5. wdky, thanks! They're technologically enhanced a bit in this shot, but who cares, right?

    Os, thanks!

    GG, Well the way I see it the 3rd world idiots would be well fed, thus giving them a reason to stay in the 3rd world, thus keeping them many miles from the night classes I'm teaching. So it's a selfish wish!

    Thanks, Betheroo.

    AMS, welp, I know your name now! lol She's a fabulous poet, and many of the great female poets to off herself. Cheers to dead poets.

  6. Anne Sexton is fabulous. I'm still in the middle of reading one of her anthologies.

  7. that is an awesome picture Andi. I love it! And Stupid people, I could think of a few great ways to dispose of them but most of them would be pure entertainment and wouldn't do a lick of good for third world countries...

  8. i looooove Sexton and Massive attack.

    nothing wrong w/ a little slothness.

  9. Wasn't my computer. I did my thesis on an Apple IIc, which is still in good working order.

    I'm not sure if bonefish white virgins appeal to me. Perhaps parboiled. . . .

  10. Great photo! You have awesome eyes!

  11. Im going to print this out for my fellow porn stars and write



  12. Yea I bet most people wouldnt read the original Cinderella to their kids, her shoes were made of squirrel!


  13. E., I'd like to read more Sexton. I've only read her screwy fairy tale poems, so I'm curious what her other work is like.

    LOL, Funky. Well, I was just trying to make myself feel less guilty about dropping the idiots out of planes, so it was really a selfish good deed. But aren't all good deeds selfish? Hmmm. Food for thought.

    Thanks, Kitty!

    LE, I've just gotten interested in Massive Attack (thanks again, House MD). Will be downloading more of their stuff for sure.

    X, parbroiled! Good call. And I'm most definitely NOT a Mac person, but having worked with 'puters for a good many years now, I'm secure enough in my PC usage to admit that Macs are a hell of a lot more stable.

    Moose, thanky!

    Smoochies for NonGF!

    Ahhh, Johnny, you pervy fucker. Good to see ya.

    Kestrel, I don't think I've read the squirrel version!! Or maybe I just blocked it out. I'm gonna have to ruffle through my fairy tale anthologies and see if I can find it.

  14. I started to write something about stupid people and it was heading toward essay length. So, I'll just say I agree with you, with a few addendums that I'm not going to mention, and sincerely feel for you if you're having to teach the kind of morons that I'm seeing drive 50 mph across the high school parking lot. Ugh.


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