Thursday, July 13, 2006

SLEEEEEEP (because random is the new organized)

I'm tired. God, I'm tired. I stayed up too late doing I-don't-remember-what. Today consisted of work and teaching and running Thesis Director around from dr's office to pharmacy to home before going back to work, pissing around for a while, and running back to her house with her drugs before going back to work. I don't mind at all, it's just a bitch when it's 103 degrees outside. I would settle for the ninth circle of hell right now. At least it'd be cooler.

Now I find myself at the jc gearing up to face a class of a whopping four students for what should be hours on end (in the neighborhood of 4 hours, actually), and what will likely turn into 1.5 hours. What. Is. The. Point?

What I want to do tonight: swim, watch Pirates (didn't do it last night), eat a piece of cake, go to sleep.

What I should do tonight: read for comps.

What I will do tonight: the first one.

I feel like a worthless sack of ox poop. No reading has happened lately. I went from a kickass stint in June to a dry spell in July that would make the Sahara envious. Must force self to bury nose in book. But which book? Perhaps The Book of Illusions (Paul Auster). Hmm. Or maybe I'll finally finish The Human Stain. Or maybe I'll get back to writing 101 Ways to Kill Oneself in Grad School.

Way #7ish: Forcefully insert Snicker wrappers into both nostrils until the nasal cavity is plugged...while sewing the mouth shut with fishing line to avoid breakage. Wait.

Weird question of the day: *while sitting next to Elise at the work 'puters*....

I ask, "How do you spell pomegranate?"

Listening: "She Is"...The Fray


  1. Another suggestion for grad school suicide--death by apathy--a gradual yet painless process--and who gives a fuck if it hurts anyhow?

  2. Funny you should say that, Andi. A fellow doctoral candidate from Minnesota used to be a minister in Austin. He said he gave it up because, after spending a summer in Texas, he couldn't really get anyone's attention with threats of mere fire and brimstone.

    Hope your advisor's feeling better. Best of luck to you.

  3. A-

    All I want to do is everything else that doesn't include reading for comps. I'm feeling a bit burned out.

    Death by apathy is a fantastic idea. Besides, aren't we all gluttons for punishment?

  4. Snickers wrappers? I want to see you stuff the actual candy bar up your nostrils. Much more entertaining.

  5. I think you deserve a night of brainless activity. It does a body good. I would know. I spend every night that way. It helps to drool a little too.

  6. Hang in there! Everyone needs a night of vegitation once in a while! At least you swam right?

  7. Charles, death by apathy is right up my alley. I'm in the throes of it as we speak.

    Non, it's ok, chica. I shall survive! *sings*

    X, that's so true. There's no other home in the US so suitable to hell references and that in itself makes it all the more bearable.

    E., I'm having a physical reaction to the return to work/school. My brain is on strike.

    Kat, I haven't tried the drooling, save in my sleep. I'll give it a go tonight. Oh, wait, that might embarrass GP and Wenchie, not to mention alienating the Rogues. I'll try it when I get home.

    Kitty, sadly, I did not swim. I actually ended up teaching longer than expected at the jc, so by the time I got home and talked to the Mom for awhile, it was too dark to brave the depths. I'm not a fan of swimming in the dark, given the fact that any number of undesirable insects could decide to rape and pillage me. BUT, I'm going to swim now...before I get ready for my departure for the Roguetrip.


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