Monday, July 24, 2006


Search terms bringing people here today:

"meerkat t-shirts"...and I say, "Cheers you you, fellow meerkat lover!"

"scared the shizzle"....and I say, "Heh?"

"tall women and short men porn"....and I say, "Ummm, I prefer the other way around. Not sure how Google got ya here."

I'm sleepy, babies. Off to horizontal land I go.

Edit: knew I wouldn't really already be in bed. Come on! *celebration jig* for finding my Me and My Gang Rascal Flatts CD after 1.5 months of missing the boys. Also found in my car:

One red Satan wig.
One installment of Stanford's Great Expectations serialization from a couple of years ago. I wonder if Estella appeared in this issue? Must flip.
A human finger.


  1. I challenge your Meerkat to a cage match with my Newt.

  2. You sure do get some strange peeps lookin' for ya! ;)

    Love the new photo in your about section. Very nice!

    Sleep well, sugar!

  3. Ha! I scoff at your Newt! Meerkats have claws and stern expressions. What do Newts have? Slime! Ha!

    Vixen, thanks my lovely! And yes, I do attract weirdos. They permeate every facet of my life.

  4. I also unsuccessfully tried to sleep earlier this evening. An hour and a half later, not so much.

    Do you remember the name of that all natural herbal cure for insomnia that DO was telling us about the other night?

  5. DO was there the other night??

    No, I don't remember unfortunately.

  6. I'm starting to raise fighting sloths. They're pretty agressive, especially if you can ever get them to move.

  7. Fighting sloths!!!! That's a capital idea. Those bitches have claws like nobody's business. And I'm part sloth, so I would feel kinda bad if my meerkat kicked one of your sloth's asses, but that's just life sometimes.

  8. I can't find my Satan wig. Damn.

  9. Just so they can google your comments board too:

    "Meerkat t-shirts scared the shizzle out of tall woman and short men porn stars."

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