Saturday, July 22, 2006

What day is it?

Drinking with professors is always a weird sort of experience. I find myself in a constant state of "whadisay?" the next day when my head's clear (except for the ache) and my stomach is already in knots. Although, I suppose when they're just as shitfaced as the students it really doesn't matter what I said. And on with the day we go!

Surprisingly, after a night of debauchery, I find myself in the mood to do work. Oddly enough, while I should feel like ass, this is the first time I've felt like working in several weeks. I need to write up a couple of responses for Thesis Director, get ready to teach Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this week, and write up some of the directions I might want to pursue on the thesis so we can start laying down deadlines for comps and proposal defense, etc. Good times.

Listening: "She Is"...The Fray

Edit: After three hours of napping, some paper writing, and music listening, I ate dinner. *urp* Downloading Massive Attack songs from Mezzanine and "Leave the Pieces" by The Wreckers.


  1. Drinking with profs is weird, but it's generally a good time.

    I'm actually not all that hung over, though my stomach is still a little iffy.

  2. Same here, E. No headache or anything, but I have indigestion and food is gross lookin'. And to think we get to do it all again tomorrow. Must get some work done today. MUST!

  3. I agree with Elise, drinking with coworkers can be weird. I get invited to drinks with clients all the time but I'm so afraid of them seeing me in a different light that I usually decline.

    I don't want them to see me get wild or outside of my professional self.

  4. Uh, feeling good? Not so much; my head feels like a overripe watermelon split and rotting in the sun; getting over it now after much napping and taking it extremely easy.

  5. It's funny, I generallly feel like working when I've been drinking the night before. Like the first time I ever got drunk, I came home at 1, fell into bed, then got up at 5 and did an English essay just because I felt like it.

    Yes, I am weird.

    I'v never been drinking with teachers, beng legally too young to drink and all, but a friend of mine, (who's 18) says he regulary goes drinking with his maths teacher after class, and that it's a right laugh. Sounds a bit odd to me though.

  6. Sole, I had a bit of a problem letting go at first, but now, not so much.

    Charles, I did nap quite a bit today. BUT, I also finished watching Team America, and I can safely say that puppet sex is one of THE most amusing things I've ever seen. It's right up there with comic book sex. I'll bring your movie back tomorrow.

    GG, it's quite strange, but fun. Humanizes them quite a lot. Although, at our uni they strive for humanization for the most part and we call them by first names (even weirder for me than consuming mass amounts of alcohol with them...oddly enough).

  7. "Leave the Pieces" is my current favorite!

    On the up side the profs are probably wondering what they might have said as well...

  8. I had a dream about you. It was kinda like "The Others." I walked into Hope's bedroom and you were sitting on the floor. I said "where's Hope." And then you said "I am Hope." And then I freaked out.....

  9. Addict, I really like The Wreckers in general. Everything I've heard so far is almost if not as good as "Leave the Pieces." New addiction comin' on.

    Amanda, I'm not sure if I should be flattered that you were dreaming about me or apologetic that it was horrifying. What was I wearing?

  10. Drinking with professors is almost mandatory if you go to school in Wisconsin.

    Trust me, it's fun.

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