Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Holy shit...

I'm so tired.


Yesterday--the first day back--went very well. My two classes at the university seem like they'll be ok. The afternoon class seems a bit more receptive to everything in general, but I'm trying not to make any snap judgments. I told them a bit about the course, we did an icebreaker and then they wrote an introductory essay for the rest of the period. It's weird teaching a 50 minute class. It goes SO fast. I've never taught anything less than an hour and 15 mins at a time, so this is heaven. Tomorrow we go over the syllabus and have our first class discussion. Wish me luck learning all these names.

Today was another long day: got up at 8, got my hair redded from 10:00-12:30 (pics to come), ran home to change, went to the jc for a bit, and then on to the university for my Adolescent Lit class from 4:30-7:10. Now my brain hurts but I need to read The Book Thief for a bit.


More later.

Watching: Sex & the City

P.S. The weirdest thing I said today was, "I need to write Elise a check for half the fridge, my desk calendar, and a lobster."

Listening: "New Favorite"...Alison Krauss and Union Station


  1. Oooooo Lobster, yum!

    Get some sleep girl. Yeah yeah yeah...you're busy, you're young, blah blah blah. Just sleep, k? :)

  2. I was exhausted yesterday also.

    I think I was in bed by midnight which is extraordinarily early for me.

    I have a feeling that this semester will be a very tiring one with everything that is going on.

  3. get some rest. I don't need a check but I'll take the lobster! YUM...can't wait to see the hair

  4. Susan is really sticking it to us this time. I think she feels like making this class an example of how tough she can be.

  5. Try teaching 46 minute classes. By the time I get the kids calmed down, half the period is over.

    Being a redhead rocks by the way.

  6. The thing about short classes is that they require more preparation. You have to know where you are every blessed second. I prefer longer classes myself, but if you got fifty minutes, so be it.

    Have fun this semester.

  7. I can't wait to see the red hair.

  8. holy shit you are tired you always have something new up! hope you are feeling a little less tired sooooooon :)

  9. I love New Favorite!! And, here's a weird tidbit: I had to lip-sync to "Down in the River" sung by Allison Krauss (sp?) when I played a badly-paid background blur in "O, Brother Where Art Thou?" You wanted to know that, right?

    Those first couple weeks of school are a monster and I'm just the mother, not teacher or student. I wish you lots of shut-eye and some very cooperative students.

  10. What did you do for an icebreaker? I could use some ideas.

    Can't wait to see the red hair!

  11. Thanks for the messages everyone!!! The red hair pics are comin', but with the laptop on the fritz, it may be a while.

    Jessie, I did a stupid game. You tell your favorite food or most desired superpower or whatever. Then you have to repeat every persons name/super power that came before you. It really helps with learning names and such.


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