Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Memory"....Issue #5

Click the pic to read the fifth issue of Estella's Revenge: "Memory"

Listening: "Fair"...Remy Zero


  1. Love the picture and will check out the latest issue.

  2. Props to Heather for the graphics. Hope you enjoy the issue, Carl!

  3. Sorry I haven't done anything over the last couple. Hope to change that. Keep me, please!!!

  4. i haven't read everything, but it looks great so far.

  5. Os, would love to have you back to doin' some music stuff. That's really where we're lacking at this point. Thanks!

    LE, hope ya like it! I loved your fiction.

  6. Love the new issue! Will try and think of something to submit for next month as soon as my imagination comes back from the dry-cleaners...


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