Friday, September 22, 2006

And I'm back...really!

So the Masters exam is done. DONE DONE DONE! I feel pretty good about it. Thesis Director gave it a couple of reads and she's waiting to hear from the rest of the committee for the go-ahead. Next steps: first draft of thesis proposal and then thesis proposal final draft and then proposal defense. Then I can start writing my thesis. Woot!

Week after next is the Savannah conference which will likely be mostly anticlimactic given that I'm flying in on Thursday and back out Friday night after my presentation.

So, what have I been up to you ask? Nada. Workin'.

The only new developments are on the front. Always entertaining I tell you. I've now had 10 winks and several e-mailers that never bothered with the introductory wink (which is fine by me..the whole virtual winking business seems a bit of a pussy'ish move on their part).

Out of the 15 or so men who've winked or e-mailed I consider 4 of them "live ones" with any hope of entertaining me or taking me out at any juncture. Still at the tippy-top of the list is the Barrister. He's fun. We haven't talked on the phone this week, but have been e-mailing daily. He's out of town until next week, and we plan to meet up when he gets back. I've already googled him, and he seems to be legit. Unless he set up a fake law firm website to fool all the girls who google him before he hacks them up in little pieces and makes skin lamps out of them.

DG has fallen off a bit. Not sure what happened to him. Perhaps I wasn't quick enough to jump on AIM and chat with him. Should that be the case, fuck him. I had an exam to write.

The 23-year-old from the local uni had begun to lose my interest, but he e-mailed yesterday to apologize for the very fluff-oriented conversations we've had thus far and asked me some "get to know more about you" questions. Nice guy, but I'm thinkin' he may not have enough to say to really keep me interested.

And that leads me to B. He seems like he could be "Lurcher the Second." We haven't even talked on the phone and he's ready to go get a drink and celebrate my exam being done. He hasn't said anything lewd (refreshing) but I still get a bit too much of an "empty-headed party guy" vibe. We'll see.

On other fronts: I've been buying new music like a bastard. I broke down and bought the new Justin Timberlake album, and while I was a bit disappointed at first and thought it was mediocre at best, it's beginning to grow on me. It is still mediocre, but at least my ass begins to sway when I play it. Especially track #9. Everyone go download "Summer Love." Legally, of course. STAY AWAY, FEDS!

I also bought Coldplay's old album, A Rush of Blood to the Head. I'm a day late and a dollar short, I know, but it's still good car music. I should've bought it sooner. "Warning Sign" could be the best song ever.

With that, I'm off to watch Proof with my 11:00 class. Tonight I'll *finally* post pictures of my stripey hair. And curly. I've been curly a lot lately.


  1. yay! congrats on finishing the exam!!

    ya know, i love the first track of JT's album. i'm not sure how i feel about the rest but that first track makes my day.

    good luck with the experiment! :)

  2. Keep the stories coming about your prospective dates!

    And good luck with the rest of the thesis process!

  3. I just don't get all the JT love. He seems like a real turd to me, but to each his own!

    Hmmm, it's possible that Barrister could be a skin lamp-maker. At least be comforted by the fact that you'd be a purdy one!

  4. That's awesome that is working well for you so far! I've tried Match, Yahoo Personals, eHarmony, and everything else in the past. Turns out that the best luck I've had was through my blog when I wasn't even looking!

    Good luck to you!

  5. I love the whole fiasco. Just be careful.

  6. Curly's good. No so fond of Moe and Larry.

    Good luck on your upcoming barrister meeting, and the conference presentation.

  7. LE, thanks! I like that first track, too.

    Os, I'll keep ya updated. I'm becoming quite bored with the phenomenon besides the barrister.

    Heather, he seems like a turd to me too, but his music is just so damn catchy. Bastard. And thank you! I would definitely strive to be a supple skin lamp.

    Tish, good point!! I'll keep an eye out for sweeties lurking here at my blog (Todd). ;)

    Will do, Kat. The latest lurcher is sooo out of the game.

    Thanks, X! I'll likely be more nervous about meeting the barrister than giving the conference paper. :D

  8. Congrats on the master's exam!
    Don't ever know what to say about guys, since I've been stuck with the same one for 26 years (I'm including dating time, here) but I'm rooting for Barrister. British accents get extra points, period.

  9. Amen, Nancy. I'm rooting for him too. Now if he'd just hurry up and get home from vacation. :)


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