Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hmmphf. And DAMNIT!

Good. Fucking. Times.

There goes another boy that I thought was cute. They all dig my my friend.

Here Rabbit! Here boy!

Listening: "Smiley Faces"...Gnarls Barkley

Edit: 8-Ball Jesus--when I asked if I should actually buy the Rabbit pictured above--said, "Yes, my child."

Good enough for me.


  1. I actually hate that rabbit. I would sent you my barely used one, if that weren't kind of icky. Unless you are shapped exactly a certain way, the ears don't hit in the right spot.....
    I vote for the wahl coil, a toy so powerful that I threw my back out the first time I used it.

  2. Nice spelling from the English teacher, huh?

  3. LOL, Lulu! I'll look into the coil suggestion!

  4. Oh, dear. This is probably the wrong place to post but I wanted to know I was thinking about you and all the other House fans during the episode, last night. Weren't we having fun?

    And, on a weirdness note, we saw a Hugh Laurie look-alike at the local Mexican restaurant (same build, very tall and thin, dressed in khakis and a nice shirt - needed a funky t-shirt underneath - and with a stubbly face but his hair was too dark). It totally ruined the image when he opened his mouth and out came a yucky Southern drawl - not the nice Georgia kind, but really twangy. Hubby noticed that the guy next to him looked like Jeeves with a beard. So weird. I drank a margarita and giggled - I don't drink but that sucker started to taste good, after about a half inch.

    Hope you're having a good school year. Sorry about the guy thing.

  5. Sheesh, wanted *you* to know. At least I'm not an English teacher. That's not meant to be a wisecrack. :)

  6. Until now I've never envied a rabbit.

  7. fuck those boys. You'll find the one that doesn't dig your friend. Oh and by the way, when you find him, you can still use the rabbit...maybe even with him. They never go out of style, believe me, NEVER!

  8. At least the rabbit won't talk back.

    My roomie first year used to tell me waaay too much about her sex life. One day she went on and oooonnn about how her boyfriend got her a vibrator but she kept getting yeast infections from it.

  9. maybe you could hit him over the head with the rabbit - it could be effective!

  10. Nancy, we were having SO much fun during that ep. I loved it, although I've heard a lot of fans say they disliked this "new House." It's just a matter of time until the fallout, though! LOL @ the Hugh Laurie look alike. I think the twang would've probably taken away from the overall mystique.

    Todd, no need to envy. Just come visit.

    *waves at Soj*

    LOL, Funky! Excellent idea!

    Heather, that's a shame for your old roomie (and kinda weird that she shared that much). Did you tell her to wash it between uses?????? Ick!

    AMS, I hadn't thought of that! It makes perfect sense!

  11. it is a beautiful thing, that rabbit.

    but the panther is better.

    Pix and I have noticed that there are an abundance of animals out there- the rabbit, panther, dolphin, hummingbird, bear.....

  12. Oooh, the panther. I like the sound of the danger! RAWR! I've noticed the animals too...and the beaver is a very special one indeed. Something terribly unattractive about putting a pink beaver with big teeth to your naughty bits.

  13. I can totally relate to all the guys digging your friend. I have this friend who complains all the time that too many she likes guys like her. Why do I not hit her? Why?

  14. My eyesight must be going, for that doesn't look anything like Jesus to me.

    Just kidding. Still, I didn't know Christ had much expertise with sex toys.

  15. andi I need you to come to this gig with me cos I dont know anyone else who likes em

  16. Hey--I've done what I could to help you with your inner whatever. You'll have to get this one on your own!

  17. This reason is why I'm glad I no longer have single girlfriends.

    I was actually thinking about getting the daulphin, but now I'm thinking of the coil. Hmmm.

  18. oh wait, I just checked it out. I have something very much like that. It is wonderful. People laugh at me when I tell them my vibe plugs into the wall. But it's worth it.


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