Monday, September 25, 2006

Sleepless in Texas

This is the first sleepless night I've had in ages. Probably because up until I finished comps I was too tired to hold my eyes open past 9pm. Now I'm back into my fucked up sleeping schedule--at least until I start drafting my proposal.

But enough academic bullshit. I've been laying here in bed thinking about boys. The latest Match guy (Lurcher #2) is such a complete ass chaser it's almost chortle-worthy. Finally got tired enough of his antics that it was no longer amusing, so I told him to bugger off.

Jeremy said to me this weekend--as we were dancing in the kitchen--that he could tell I'm really "stoked" about Barrister. And he's right.

As much as I am that independent girl who gets weirded out by public displays of affection, flowers, candy, and any use of the phrase, "make love," (vomit) I would still like to meet someone with whom I can giggle and get butterflies in my tummy, and with whom I can debate the nature of the universe. And a British accent is nice too.

So, yes, I really have my fingers crossed. I'm lonely. It sucks. But even if it doesn't work out, I'll be ok. I shan't settle.


  1. fingers crossed for you too

  2. No settling is a good policy. Good luck with all that love making my little non ladybug.

  3. Im sorry to inform you that the scissor sisters video is soooo last week!!

    Ill bet I dance better than you do!

  4. You've better not "settle" young lady! If you do, I'll have to go to that Godless land called Texas and give you what for!

    But fingers crossed that Barrister is a good one!

  5. Thanks, Fence!

    Dale, you make me giggle.

    AMS, nice vid! Shake it!

    Karen, I won't settle...unless it'll get your ass out here for a martini!

  6. a silver leisure suit? wow, thats fantastic. hope it works out.

  7. Well, if this new guy doesn't work out, you've always got me! We can just run away to Europe and live life there!

  8. In my experience, British men tend to use the phrase "make love" but it doesn't sound skeevy coming out of their mouths; must be the accent.

    He sounds like great fun. Enjoy.

  9. Oh, Cincy, you always know the right thing to say. And you're hot.

    Lulu, *gag*. I hope the accent helps!

  10. Barrister does sound like a gooder, I hope it works out for you. Fingers crossed!

    And I'm with you on the romance, flowers and candy bullshit. I'm horribly unromantic. Bellan says he's afraid when it comes time to propose, because I'll probably just laugh in his face. The sad thing is, he's right.

  11. awwww, he sounds fun. good luck to you!

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  13. Andi,

    Join the sleepless club, babe. There are apparently a lot of us tossing and turning.

    In case you haven't seen my post, because you're a busy girl, I HATED and could not finish A Long Fatal Love Chase. Please zip over and read my thoughts, then tell me if you still want my copy. If you do, I'll need to get your address but will pop it in the mail ASAP. I have a feeling you'd feel the same, though. The writing just seemed a little juvenile.

    Hope you get some sleep. And, wow, I'm dying for Barrister to take you out. Are you dying, there?

  14. Heather, I can see myself laughing in the face of a proposition. It's just me. Any guy who might potentially propose should know that and be prepared for the metaphorical kick in the crotch. Rock on!

    Thanks, LE!

    Nancy, hmmm, the book sounded pretty lame from your review. You can hold onto it (which actually means donate it or sell it to a UBS). :D

    I'm very much dying here. I'm ready for him to get home from vacation and take me out. ;)

  15. No settling! Ever.

    Don't be upset if this guy doesn't do it for you when you met him. It happens. And it sucks. But you can't control it.

  16. Kat, good point. I've met a few guys from online before (in my younger days) and sometimes the spark just isn't there.

  17. Andi,

    "Lame" is a good word for the book, as far as I'm concerned. Okay, will do. I'll list it at PBS and hope someone takes it off me. :)


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