Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gone Fishin'

Notice: the blog isn't really on hiatus, I'm just going to be out of town until late Friday night, so I probably won't get 'round to posting again until Saturday or Sunday. I'll be at a conference in Savannah, so pray I don't urp on the podium or anything. I haven't yet, so hopefully I won't start now.

P.S. I had the shittiest inadequacy dream last night. Woke up feeling all woozy. Ugg.

Listening: "Warning Sign"...Coldplay


  1. Kick ass, babe! I know you'll do well! Just don't trip on your way to the podium...

  2. Thanks, Os! I'm sitting here in a catatonic state at the moment. I'm ready to get the hell outta town.

  3. Have fun in Savannah - please go to Paula Dean's restaurant for me! I love her. I wish she was my mom/grandma. Can't wait til' yur back! Good luck at the conference.

  4. Have a good time, Andiboo!

  5. Cool! Have fun in Savannah! Take a camera; I've heard it's really pretty!

    Sorry to sign as my ugly old self.

  6. Savannah, huh? How Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Do your best to avoid getting "the vapors".

  7. I had to take a break for a while. My mind was too occupied. But only because I was busy getting a promotion at work!

    Yea! Now I can check the other blogs again!

  8. hey hon... is estella's gone? i know you must be swamped so i think everyone would understand, just miss it... if you ever need help with it and there's something i can do, let me know!!

    hope it went well in savannah, blog soon!

  9. Funky, I wasn't able to go visit Paula's restaurant! :(((( I wanted to SOOO much, but people start lining up for reservations way earlier than I was able to get away from the conference. Damnit!

    Thanks, Heather! It was okay.

    Nancy, I forgot my camera!!! *kicks self*...and you're gorgeous!

    Todd, vapors successfully avoided. Woot!

    Congrats on the promotion, NonGF!!!!!

    Soj, that's actually the decision I'm trying to make right now. I have so little extra time that it's almost impossible to get everything fixed up. I'm thinking of changing the format to something more like a blog, thus making it easier to upload every month.


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