Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, Off to work and all that...

At work. Freezing.

The Halloween party was quite a time last night. I blew off enough steam that I think I can carry on with this thesis proposal business now. I refrained from going to either the poetry reading or the costume party as Jesus and opted instead to be a vampire. Think boots, lots of black, and kickass makeup (red eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, etc.).

Listening: Nothing, because our office radio is still at C's house. I knew we forgot something.

Edit: Been here for about 2 hours and I've chunked the old draft and am piecing together the new draft. I have 4 pages (of 15). *string of unintelligble curse words*


  1. I'm just now finally getting back to my thesis proposal. Did I mention that it's almost midnight? My plan is to email it to the director before I go to bed.

    I'm beginning to hate this thing.

  2. I never got more than 5 pages done today. Will do 5 more tomorrow and a few on Monday morning. Fuckin' hate it.

  3. Keep with it. If you can hone the proposal to the smallest possible topic, the pages will be easier to write.

    Keep in there. You'll get it.

  4. Thanks, X . I'm whittling away. :)

  5. All week long no new entries have shown up when I've looked at your blog!! Am I losing my mind, here? All of a sudden, the last one I viewed isn't even showing up!!! But, I read them all and caught up. So, a few things . . .

    1. Did you see Hugh Laurie hosting Saturday Night Live, last night, or did party time get in the way?

    2. Sorry about Barrister; glad you met someone last night.

    3. Love that Shelfari. I don't know how often I'll get to it, but decided I'd better stick to just adding the new books and occasionally doing a pile from the shelves. My home is a mini-library, you see. Thanks for being my friend - hope you got my message.

    4. You can do it, you can do it, you can do it. Hang in there!!!!

  6. Nancy, that's weird that the new entries haven't shown up until now. Probably a blogger glitch or somesuch. It's been acting funky.

    I did indeed see Hugh on SNL last night. I love him sooo much.

    I did get your shelfari message! Thank you! Glad you joined up. I love perusing my friends' bookshelves.

  7. I don't have any! :(
    Forgot my camera, but I'll try to get one or two pics from friends.


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