Saturday, October 14, 2006

Insert Clever Title Here

What a week. I'm at work on a Saturday and will likely be at work tomorrow, too, but wanted to take a moment to say 'ello.

First things first, I haven't heard from the Barrister since Monday (e-mail), and I'm not sure what to do with that. Perhaps he's lost interest. Perhaps he's busy. Perhaps a rogue pterydactil flew in through his balcony door and stole him. I'm honestly not sure I give a shit. Who knew? OK, I give a little bit of a shit, but I won't be crushed or anything.

Yesterday I vowed to stay in my office all day and work. I ended up going to lunch with Thesis Director and then after my last class we both ditched work and went to G-vegas book shopping. Nothing like being able to blame not working on a thesis proposal on the actual Thesis Director. I bought Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (
Heather's been telling me to read it for ages), a collection of the Emily Strange comics, and The Killers new CD, Sam's Town. I don't love it as much as Hot Fuss, but who does?

15 pounds down on South Beach. Now, if I'd stop eating this strawberry cheesecake shake from Sonic perhaps I'd stay less fat. I'm dangling over a slippery slope...and it tastes like strawberry cheesecake.

OK, must make myself get back to work. I'm going to let the soothing sounds of the elevator going up and down and opening by itself lull me back into a writing-rhythm.

Listening: X&Y...Coldplay


  1. Ah ha! So the South Beach diet is your secret weapon. I'd heard great things about that one but never believed it!

    I hear ya on working weekends, that's me nearly every week!

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  2. Tell thesis director that I finally found a graphic narrative Introduction to Lacan and Baudrillard. I know what you mean about work. I got up early and finally wrote about three pages on Bib-essay and then it was off to the granddaugher's birthday party and that basically blew the day. Now I am going to have to scramble to get Bib-essay done tonight. Good Times.

  3. Yes! South Beach works like a charm, and it's one of the easiest diets to follow that I've ever been on. Very flexible and suitable to real life, in my opinion.

    The bib essay going ok? They're a pain in the ass generally. I like annotated bibs much MUCH more. Hope ya had a good time at the b-day party!

  4. You know, I read your grad school babblings and I think "God I don't want to go to grad school" which is bad, because I need to go. No Masters in English for me though, I'm gonna do something gut like curriculum development.

  5. Lulu, curriculum development would be a good degree. I thought about instructional design at the prompting of one of my profs at UNC-Wilmington, but it didn't set my hair on fire like English does. Good luck to ya! I recommend grad school to any and everyone...even if I do bitch about it in the throes of a freakout.

  6. At this point in my life I don't need my hair set on fire. I just need a Masters program that I can do while teaching full time and trying to have a life. It's all about the imcrease in pay for me, not the education. Sad huh?

  7. I'm up. Way up. (sigh)

  8. Lulu, not sad. Makes perfect sense to me! :)

    Sammm! *smoochies*

  9. Fair play to you for sticking to the diet. Unfortunately I have the willpower of a paperclip and usually lapse by the end of the day!

  10. WTF is up with the Brit???? Don't make me have to kick his big dumb ass....

  11. AMS, I usually say I have the willpower of a cashew. In this case I just happened to luck out, and cashews are on the diet. Woot!

    Cold, no fucking clue what's up with that. My guy friends assure me all is fine--apparently he's establishing a "casual" vibe. It smells oddly like headgames to me. No thanks!

  12. *sigh* lets hope hes just busy dear.

    call him, corner him into doing something, if he balks we will go key his car or something.


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