Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Meet Match's End

I believe, my lovelies, that the time has come for my Match.com profile to meet its end. I originally signed up for a month with no plans to continue after said month, and I think I'm gonna stick to the plan. As I was telling the Barrister over drinks (we were talking about match.com horror stories and such), my profile has been viewed over 500 times, I've gotten somewhere in the neighborhood of 19 winks and e-mail responses, and all but three of those were exceedingly creepy or seemingly mentally incapable of....much of anything.

Speaking of creepy, Lurcher #2 just WILL NOT go away. He's not stalkery per se, but he is stupidly persistent and optimistic. I finally resorted to flat-out lying to him and saying I was seeing someone and it would be innapropriate for us to meet. Then he popped up yesterday with an e-mail that said, "Still taken? Let's go out for drinks."

NOOO, fucker. NO NO NO! The Barrister and I, after analyzing the guy's behavior to this point, decided he's most likely married.

I think I'm going to forego a date with SoD. Nice as he seems, I think I'd have more fun talking to my dogs for a few hours than seeing a movie with him. And, there was one more seemingly nice, well-spoken fellow who e-mailed just this weekend, but I fear he's too far away even for me to drive (Arlington).

So, the match.com experiment fizzles, but I must say it was entertaining while it lasted. And it seems that there are a few men who can appreciate my humor, and at least one who might even like the rest of me to go with it. We'll see if it sticks.

Listening: "Get Right"...Jennifer "Skankmaster" Lopez


  1. No good deed goes unstalkered.

    By deed, I mean online advert.


    Hump ya,


  2. giving up the good fight, eh? I dont blame you one bit. Why are so many of them SO FUCKING creepy?

  3. Ugh @ Lurcher #2. It might be time for a good old "Fuck OFF, you cretin!"

  4. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. And who knows? Maybe Barrister will turn out to be a keeper.

    Tell Lurcher #2 to suck your giant donkey balls. You know, the ones you like to wear during sex. Then again, he may be into that.

  5. That's exactly how I thought of Match. Entertaining if nothing else. Don't bother with Yahoo. I regret even paying for the month.

  6. Actually, I appreciate your sense of humor. But I'm afraid I'm not your type.

  7. Thanks Johnny. You have such a way with words, deary.

    Cold, I dunno. Guys are weird for the mostpart.

    GP, amen! Love Disco Darcy by the way. Can't say it enough.

    Heather, ya made me laugh out loud. Like a hyena. Yay!

    Kat, the barrister said the same about Yahoo. Not a good scene I hear.

    Awww, X, ya might be surprised. I don't really have a "type" in the grand scheme of things.

  8. Heh, glad I made you laugh.

  9. I hope things work out with Barrister!


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