Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New addiction!

OH.MY.God! Heather passed along a link to Shelfari on her blog recently, and I'm officially addicted. It's a free site where you can "build" your bookshelves by searching for titles and adding them to your collection. Friends and random people can go through and look at the books you have, etc. It's a book-lover's orgasmatron, I'm telling you. Heather and Mizbooks, I tried adding you guys as friends, but not sure if it worked. Lemme know! For those of you who might be interested in trying Shelfari, click HERE, and if you'd like to "friend" me, my username is estellasrevenge (surprise).

In other bookish news, in keeping with my promise to make time for fun reading, I finished Paul Auster's memoir, Hand to Mouth, last night. It was fabbbulous. It tells the tale of his early days as a high school student who dreamed of not working a "real job" and his subsequent adventures in living the writing dream: time in Paris, Mexico, New York City, working on an oil tanker, etc. etc. It's pretty inspirational for those of us who have the same sort of dreams but are too addicted to money to quit the "real job." (I blame it on student loans.) Auster also met some really interesting people along the way: John Lennon, H.L. Humes, and a bunch of "nobodies" who were just as interesting as the "somebodies." Only 169 pages--go pick it up!

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  1. I say that you and I just run away to Mexico and live in some small town near the beach. We'll start a small bookstore that opens at noon and we'll be regulars at the local bars on the beach devoid of tourists. Student loans be damned!!

  2. Cincy, that's the best idea I've EVER heard. The beach and good company and a bookstore, OH MY! You're brilliant, my dear.

  3. I added you "friend!" Glad you like it too! I'm totally addicted as well. And I don't have half of my books in it yet! Gah!

    I'll look up Auster. I tried to read one of his before but didn't care for it. Probably timing though.

  4. Heatheroo, it's funny, once I start looking up books I can't remember what the heck I have on my TBR at home. LOL It's too massive to remember it all, I suppose. Eek!

  5. Er, do you know about LibraryThing? At www.librarything.com? Just wonderin' b/c it is pretty cool too.
    Nova Scotia

  6. I do! But from what I understand you have to subscribe to get all the features, yes?

  7. Hi again,
    LibraryThing is free to enter up to 100 books, then has two levels of payment for more books - a yearly payment and a lifetime pay once option.
    (Please don't cringe at my grammar in the first sentence. I am in the midst of a killer migraine)
    Pity me.
    Mrs. R.

  8. LOL, no problem Mrs. R. I'm a far cry from a grammar Nazi. And I have migraines, so I understand. Thanks for the info!

  9. Hey. The LibraryThing guy here.

    Shoot me an email and I'll give you a free account. (It's free to 200 btw.) I think you'll like it better, particularly as a graduate student. Shelfari searches Amazon. LibraryThing does that plus over 60 libraries around the world, like the LC, Yale, Oxford, etc. LibraryThing also does a good deal more--I won't bore you with the feature list. And most importantly, LibraryThing has been around a while, with 95,000 users who have cataloged over 6.6 million books. It's a real community, with community interaction way beyond what Shelfari is either technically or socially capable of.. okay, I'll stop now. Anyway, send me an email for a free account.


  10. well look at you getting the freebies!

  11. Tim, thanks! The e-mail is on its way.

    Cold, I know! Who'd have thought! lol

  12. Please give us a compare and contrast of LibraryThing vs. Shelfari. I checked out Shelfari, and I was intrigued, but I'll confess the whole idea of logging books in my blog and in another second location has a bit of an OCDish feel to me. However, if the social thing really worked, I'd definitely be into it.


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