Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

My left ovary HURTS! Hurts like a flaming knife actually. Not sure what the hell's up with that, but it HURTS! Hurts, hurts, hurts! I hope it stops before the date. Maybe it's lonely, and that's why it hurts. But it can just lay off and shut up because it'll be a while before it has any "close friends."

I'm at work on a Sunday, grading papers, whiling away the hours until the moment of truth tonight. And my fucking ovary hurts. Did I mention that?

I'm so uninteresting.

22 papers down, 22 to go. Fuck me.

Listening: "Ride"...Cary Brothers


  1. I am working as well, only I dont have a date to look forward to.

    Have fun tonight, and no pressure. Tell your ovaries to lay off or "I'm gonna punch you in the ovary, that's what I'm gonna do. A straight shot. Right to the babymaker."

  2. What about reading Feed? Is that not on the top of your list with a flaming ovary? You may need to get that checked out. Unless you are ovulating at the moment and that might explain it.

  3. Cold, many good thoughts sent your way my fellow worker on Sunday. And you made me giggle with your quote.

    Beth, I think I am ovulating. Damn biological functions. I've actually already read Feed. Read the majority of it Friday night. Loved it in a yucky "what a fucked up world" way.

  4. Dude, it's the 'roids. My ovaries always hurt after I juice up. Good luck on your date! Fight through the pain!

  5. It's your girly parts reminding you, "don't let him touch!"

    Have fun!

  6. LMAO, Goose. I shall indeed fight through the pain. See ya tomorrow. If I'm draggin' ass and look like I had a coathanger in my mouth all night, it means the date went late and I smiled a lot.

    Os, with this burn in the abdomen, I surely won't forget! It's actually feeling better, but there will still be no girly part touching.

  7. I'm not going to say anything perverted since your ovary hurts.

    Get well soon, Andi's ovary.

  8. Awwww, Todd. That was so sweet. Now gimme a pervy comment

  9. Andi, I'm assuming your school has a health service. Avoid suffering as much as possible.

    If it feels better on its own, okay. But don't fool with it. If it flares again, see someone about it.

    Sermon over.

    Otherwise, I hope everything else is going well--especially the grading.

  10. I feel your pain. I'm in the middle of the asswhip also known as grading papers.

    I hope your date went well. And that you're still alive.

  11. Todd, I'm almost in a good enough mood that I'd do it.

    X, thanks for the lecture. ;) Got most of the grading done today. Now just gotta get up early tomorrow and go in early to read the assignment that I gave my students. heheh

    Elise, I'm alive! Left you a message. Life is good.


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