Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Watch for the Lightning!"

Halloween is quickly approaching, and with the holiday comes all the costumey festivities. This year I've decided to outdo myself with the weirdness of my costume. A little backstory....

We're teaching a sequence on religion in the freshman English classes at the university this semester, so a friend of mine and my office mate got us an "Ask Me Jesus." Now, if you haven't seen the "Ask Me Jesus" anywhere, it's a foot-tall pink Jesus figurine that spits out answers like a magic 8-ball. Simply shake and you have the wisdom of the ages at your fingertips. For instance, some of Jesus' favorite words of advice are: "Watch for the lightning!" "Let me ask my dad," and, "I died for this?"

In the spirit of the quirkiness of such a bauble, I'm going to our university Halloween bash (the Edgar Allen Poe-try Reading) dressed as the Messiah himself. But not only the Messiah, a Messiah with all the answers. After I drape myself in sheets and throw on my Jesus sandals I will proceed to carry a styrofoam block with the appropriate advice attached. Anyone can ask, and I'll have all the answers.

Listening: silence

Note: image courtesy of the Gypsy Poet.


  1. lol. i think i want one.

  2. Johnny, you do, I know you do!

  3. I want the life-sized version. And a picture of the smaller one. Maybe with a certain background... ;-)

  4. You are so awesome. I'll be going as my usual costume: drunk party guest.

  5. I think the grim reaper would be a fantastic costume idea too.

  6. That is such a great idea.


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