Thursday, November 09, 2006

Application day!/Birthday Eve

Yes, that's right. It's Ph.D. application day in Andiland, and it's an asswhip of gargantuan proportions.

The good news is that my birthday is tomorrow, and I'm having a kickass party. We have a reservation for 15 at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar in Addison, and it promises to be a good drunken time full of song, merriment, and debauchery. I heard something about a permanent marker to keep track of the number of shots I've done by tallying them on my arm. I can attribute this little piece of drinking wisdom to my Thesis Director who gave E. the idea.

My mom got me a $50 Amazon gift card, and it's taking all of my strength and reserve to NOT go apeshit ordering books and music. I would dearly love to order a bunch of Paul Auster's books, and finish out my set of Siri Hustvedt writings--in addition to some obscure music. However, I haven't caved yet. Give me time (a couple of hours), and I'm sure I will.

Back to the applications, but I wanted to pop in, say hello, and wish you all well since I probably won't be around until the hangover has subsided on Saturday.

I think 26 is going to be a good year!

Listening: "Summer of 69"...Brian Adams


  1. yay- tomorrow is my best friends bday as well!! were going to Chuys and then who knows what trouble we will get in to!!!

    happy bday babe, 26 is going to be a great year for you!!!!

  2. Oooh, Chuys!!! Good times. Y'all be safe!

  3. Watch it with the Auster girl. I raided your Amazon list. Well, I only got you one, but still! Coming soon to a mailbox near you!

    Happy early Birthday!

  4. Okay, I got two. Trying to get free shipping ;)

  5. I finally got around to using the $50 B&N gift card I won last month. I'll post my purchases later this week.

    Have a fabulous birthday, Andi!

  6. How cool is that? Sharing a birthday with Neil Gaiman himself...I'm quite jealous! I love the look of your site. Where is the banner picture from?

  7. Oh my, 26...
    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  8. Heather, woooohoooo! You're too sweet to me. I can't wait!

    Thank you, Les! I can't wait to see what you bought!

    Carl, I actually haven't the foggiest idea where the banner pic came from. It's Heather F.'s work. She's very VERY good to me and makes banners whenever I need a new one--or sometimes just to surprise me!

    Thanks, Kat! I wish you could come out with us! :)

  9. Have a great application of alcohol Andi but don't lose that gift card. Sassy Birthday to you.

  10. Happy Birthday Andi!!!
    And what?? you mean you DON'T already have all of Siri Hustvedt's books? ;)

  11. LOL, Nat. Almost all of them. I just need a couple of her books of essays. ;)

  12. You're going to have the best birthday ever!

    It should be a good time.

  13. I can't wait! Let's start the party now!

  14. Happy birthday! 26 was my fave year so far - enjoy it!

  15. * H * a * p * p * y B * i * r * t * h * d * a * y

  16. Happy Birthday!!!

    Can you send me your address. I lost it again. :(

  17. Happy Birthday. I can't wait to read how many permanent marker marks you recieve.

  18. Thanks!

    I'm a cheapskate, so I got Free Shipping. It's 5-9 biz days! :(

    I got myself the His Dark Materials trilogy! Can't WAIT to read it!

  19. Thanks, No One!

    Thanks Regal and Heather!

    Chelle, they pooped out on the markers, but I did have to do the chicken dance!

    Heather, I'm all about cheapskatery! I can't wait to see what arrives in my mailbox. And you will LOVE His Dark Materials. Read them ASAP.


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