Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's so late it's early...

I'll be giving you a running commentary on my day. Check back for periodic updates. Newest entries will be at the top.....

4:22pm: Looks like the outing to Dada is on for tonight after class. I'll likely be dragging along half dead, until I hear Hardin Sweaty's rocksmithy goodness at least. And I'm sure there will be a walk down to Cafe Brazil after the show. So, that means I have to be in class from 4:30-7:10, followed by the half-hour drive home, followed by feeding and shooting the Schnauzer full of insulin, then I'll meet up with Elise at her house, at which time we'll hop on the road for the 45 min drive to downtown Dallas, probably arrive at Dada around 9:30 or 9:45ish, and the boys will likely perform at 10 or 10:30. Maybe later. I'm thinking it'll probably be a 2am night. We'll see. I'm going to die from overexertion someday.

2:45pm: At the university, finally. The stupid--excuse my language--CUNT that teaches the class before my lab took the liberty of letting my lab go without telling me. SO, I wasted an hour at the jc when I could've been here working on my godforsaken paper that still isn't finished. Looks like I'm going to end up reading what I have and talking the rest. Pray for my soul. And the peeps wanna go to Dada to see Goose's show tonight. I reallyyyy need to stay home, but an outing sounds sooo much more fun.

Noon: Just graded an assload of quizzes. I'm going to take an hour-long nap before I go teach at the JC and head to the university to finish up the mock conference paper and make copies of my presentation handout.

Listening: "Good Love is On the Way"....John Mayer

9:29am: Got up at 7:15, got dressed (sort of), took mom and Scooby to the vet. Scooby has an ear infection, his sugar has been high, and he has a cold, so we dropped him off to have his sugar checked while I ran Mom over to the rental car place. I was sitting in the car trying to cat nap while she did her dealings with the Enterprise folk when suddenly she appeared at my window. The city's (for whom she works) account had lapsed because they haven't rented a car in forever. Mom recently got rid of her credit cards, sooo I had to fork over the $300 deposit. It wasn't a problem, mind you, but I had to sign for everything, blah blah blah. My first rented car, and I don't even get to drive it.

After all the car drama we picked Scooby back up, and I'm working on my paper. Mom, in the meantime, is tooling around until the cell phone store opens because her Razr inexplicably died last night. No warning, no signs, just died. Good times.

Almost done with the paper! Sort of! 3 more pages to go!

2:25am Tuesday, November 28: I've been up working on a paper. Got home around midnight from movie watching with my boys (Charles, Goose, G.). We watched Team America: World Police, undoubtedly the most irreverent and hilarious movie on earth. When I got home I worked on my paper (due tomorrow [today] at 4:30, by the way) of which I had all of 3 pages as of midnight. I ended up working for an hour or so, watched the gawdawful season finale of The Bachelor: Rome (what a fucktard for picking that cornpone freak, Jenn). They never pick the virgins, I swear. Virginity is the kiss of death on reality TV. Anyway, so after I wasted that hour of life that I'll never get back, I scooched down under my covers for a good sleep. My brain had other plans, and I ended up getting back up and working on the paper. Up to about 6 pages now (of a projected 9). That shouldn't be too hard to crank out in the morning.

On the docket after sunup: wake at 7:15 to take Mom to pick up her rental car. She's off to Austin for 3 days to a seminar. Then going to the university to finish my paper in the office. Then off to the JC to teach a lab (waste of time). Then back to the university for class. Then I have to come home and shoot up the diabetic dog with his insulin. After that, who knows! I'll give you the skinny as the day goes on.

Listening: "Irreplaceable"...Beyonce (I'm going to hell for this)


  1. I just finished my second page. Wow. I'm so productive.

  2. I don't have anything!~!!

  3. LOL, E. At least two pages is something! I'm in complete and utter procrastination mode. My conference paper tonight is only going to have like 2 quotes and very little critical stuff. All that will have to come later in the long version.

    Beth, get to work, woman! That's why you left early last night!

  4. Thank God the grad school gods for music assumed we were all illiterate! There's no way I do as much reading/writing as you do! We were much better at the staying up late part.

  5. Jeez you're busy! Good luck with the paper and the sleep~

  6. You're really into that fancy book learnin', huh?

  7. You are definitely going to hell for listening to that Beyonce song. I almost went blind watching her perform it at the American Music Awards. It was dreadful.

  8. LMAO, Os! It's a lot of reading and writing. That's fo sho!

    Thank ya Funkay!

    Todd, not really. I just like drinking with my colleagues.

    Dale, I was spared watching that performance. She really really needs studio tricks to make her sound good.


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