Thursday, November 16, 2006

More good news....

The conferences are stacking up like bodies!

I just got an e-mail confirming my acceptance to an International conference in Writing Center studies. So that makes five conferences for the spring:

Pop Culture (Albuquerque) - a graphic narrative paper related to my thesis
College Teachers of English (College Station) - a film/children's lit paper
Rhetoric Symposium (here in the 'Merce) - a visual literacy/comics paper
International Writing Centers (Houston) - aesthetics and writing center spaces
Critical Children's Lit (Nashville) - comics/adolescent lit, a dry run at my dissertation topic

I'm gonna be so broke and dead in the Spring. Can you tell? And I'm taking a course over literary theory. And finishing/defending my thesis. Hmmm, maybe I'll ditch the College Station conference since it's the least important to me.

Listening: "All These Things That I've Done"...The Killers (my ringtone)

Edit: Thesis Director strongly advises me to ditch the College Station conference. What she says goes!


  1. Whoa busy girl! You know, Ellie says busy for dizzy (I'm getting busy, she says when she twirls around in circles!), but I think in your case they may mean the same thing! At least they all sound interesting and fun. Just don't vomit. :)

    My Pullman books arrived a day early! I hope yours do to!

  2. You may be dead but it's all gonna be FUN, FUN, FUN! These are great opportunities and experiences Andi! I'm very proud of you!

  3. you're practically famous girlie.

  4. Why no conferences in Montana? Don't you think we can read up here??

  5. Heatheroo, I think you're right! Dizzy and busy sound strikingly similar here lately. lol Yay! I'm glad your books arrived! I can't wait to see my goodies!

    Funky, thanks, chica!!! I'm excited about the opportunities, and a little exhausted by the prospects. :D

    Aww, Soj! Now if all this conferencing would earn me some money!

    Os, you just said the other day you don't read!! I just assumed the other Montanans were right there with you. And not that you can't, but choose not to. ;)

  6. wow- sweet! congrats, you are going to be very busy. dont forget us..

  7. lots of travelling to do. sounds like fun to me!

  8. ACtually, the conferences are almost as important as your thesis. People will get to know yo that way. Perfect for building up a track record.

    I'm wondering why your advisor cautioned you against the one conference, though.

  9. Steph, no chance of forgetting y'all. I'm sure I'll be in the business center blogging away. :)

    Me too, LE!

    X, the general consensus is that 5 conferences in a semester (mostly in March/April is too much traveling because it detracts from the thesis writing and class time. Plus, the particular conference she suggested I forego is regional as opposed to national.

  10. Kewl. I hope you enjoy all those conferences.

    On the thesis defense: The spouse swears by hand gestures, as that's apparently what got him through his. He was trying to explain something and made this in-out motion with both hands. One of the professors said, "That's it!" and passed him. I love that story; it's stupid but I love it.

  11. I tracked your package and it left Dallas Tx today. I hope it will be there when you get home!!

  12. Actually, having lived in Montana for two years myself, reading was the only thing that kept me sane.

  13. OK, do I reveal myself as too much of a nerd if I say those sound like fantastic fun?


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