Monday, November 13, 2006

The Proof!

I don't have a clue why I was making this face. G's just taking it all in.

Crystal and T. The cutest couple everrrr.

TheOtherFeminist and her hubby. The pics are compliments of these two.

Jeremy looking quite concerned at Charles' state of inebriation.

Elise and T. The night just got more out of focus!

Jeremy and Elise in the coolest pic of the night. Bright lights, big city!

Isn't it a great hat?

Abby, laughing. Her natural state.

The cake was AMAZING. Too bad we forgot what was left at Pete's. It could've been my breakfast!

Abby and Brendan and the quesadilla of doom.

Brendan and Josie. She's got an MFA from Yale!!! Eeek!

Myself (and my fake eyelashes) and Michael. Pink cheeks all around!

My favorite pic of the night. Michael fixed this one up, OtherFem framed it, and it now has a place in our office.

More to come!


  1. they are fantastic!!! looks like lots 'o fun dear!

  2. Awesome pics! Looks like a great party (and the cake looks delicious)!

  3. What a fantastic birthday! I'm so glad you got wonderful presents.

  4. Conspicuously missing someone, aren't we???

    Looks like a fun time had by all!

  5. Cold, it was a fabulous time. You need to stalk next time.

    Les, thanks! And the cake was soooo yummy.

    Purl, thanks!

    Os, who? G is in the first pic. I assume that's what you meant.

  6. Oh, you know me--I'm just here for the pictures. I never read anything...

  7. Great pic's Andi! You're so cute...

  8. LOL, Os.

    Thanks, Funky! :D

  9. Great Pics, Great times. You are correct my dear, we are definitely kindred. I am glad your birthday went well.

    PS: I love how only my gray hair managed to make it into that pic with Elise. Good Times, Good Times...

  10. LOVE THE PICTURES!~ What a good looking group of friends.

  11. Great pics! My favorite is the second from the bottom. It's an awesome pic of you! :) Glad you had such a great time!

  12. Oh, you're so adorable. I shan't go on for fear I'll say something I shouldn't.

  13. happy belated birthday!!! looked like fun:)

  14. Awww ain't you all so purty!! (said in my best southern)

    Looks like a fantastic time was had by all. And that cake looks bloody delicious. Yum!

  15. Aww. I walked into the office this morning and was pleasantly surprised by our pic. I have to have a copy.

    The pics are awesome.

  16. Looks like you have an amazing group of friends. You are very lucky to have them, as are they to have you as one of their friends. I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday. *many hugs*

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  17. You're so damn cute I want to pinch your cheeks.

  18. I can remember having this much fun!!

    Almost... It's been a while.

  19. What a cool bunch of photos! I'm so glad you had a great birthday, Andi!!

  20. That looks like a lot of fun for you and your pallys Andi. Good fer youse.


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