Thursday, November 02, 2006


It appears my horrid case of writers block has finally lifted. I'm all but 200 words finished with my review that's supposed to come out in January. Next up is finishing the thesis proposal.

The weekend looks as if it's probably going to be a busy asswhip, but a fun asswhip. I have get-togethers planned for Friday and Saturday night, which means I'll be working my tail off Sunday, I'm sure.

I'm happily curled up in my bed right now since I opted to stay home today. Thursdays are technically my day off, but I usually go to work anyway. However, since I have a hair appointment at 2:45 I didn't see the point in driving out of the way to work. I have big plans to write, read, and lounge today. I need to re-read Maus I for a class I'm guest lecturing in next week but The New York Trilogy is staring at me from the floor, and I can hear T's voice in my head saying, "Hurry up and finish it!!!"

Tuesday night was quite eventful. The fire alarm in the English building went off around 6pm while we were in Thesis Director's class, so we all ended up in the parking lot freezing our respective asses off. We finally gave it up and went to Molina's to finish class there. It turned into a long night of drinking, but somehow it got me writing again, so I can't be too bitter that I was slightly hungover yesterday.

Bookish Estella goodness coming in the next post!

Listening: "Voice Inside My Head"...Dixie Chicks


  1. Yay for writing! Glad you are writing again! I know how frustrating that can be!

    I feel like an idiot today. I left my "book" at home. I have it on a flash drive and it's still in my computer at home :( no writing for me today. I'm bummed.

    Oh I love Maus. I would love to go to that lecture.

  2. HURRY UP AND FINISH IT!!! The voice should be getting louder. Trust me, you will thank me for the pressure.


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