Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ugly Truths

We made the pilgrimage to Deep Ellum and parked our asses on the patio at Dada until Hardin Sweaty time. A $64 tab later (mine alone) Elise and I stumbled out on the arms of T. and Charles and made our way to the car. By the time we got back to Elise's house the dark whirlies had wormed their way behind my closed eyelids and I wound up one-shoed, bent over, with my forehead clacking against the toilet seat with every gutteral heave. I woke up at 6:20 this morning face down on the tile floor of the bathroom with a hella sore forehead.

No one ever said this partying business was so glamorous.

You can never say I'm not honest on this blog. There has to be some value in being upfront about one's fugliness.

No more drinking for me until Saturday. I'm hosting.

Regret of the night: not getting Dustin or Justin's (can't remember his name) phone number. Cute boy, new to Dallas. Good target.

Listening: The #6....whatever it is.


  1. The secret to good partying is learning where your limits are. Sounds like you met the upper limit with your forehead! Now work your way back from there...

    Thanks for the dark ugly side of Andi. It's good to know it's there. Nothing that a good shirt wouldn't be able to brighten up. Ahem... ;-)

  2. Oh you poor baby!

    I like seeing the fugly side. Makes you seem more human ;)

    Now take to tylenol and call me in the morning.

  3. Oops! spent some time on the porcelian throne eh? putting one hand and one foot on the wall didn't stop the dark whirlies? hum, has drinking evolved, or I mean alcohol mutated? It worked back in my day. I guess alcohol is not what it use to be. are you finished with your paper? I am still working on the accursed thing, with two more to go-blast it all hehehe. Andi, I think we are going to have to chase off E's m-i-L so we can have the end of the semester blowout party-I need it!

  4. A $64 bar bill? You either need to cut down, or drink at cheaper places.

  5. Os, I know where my limits are, I just tend to ignore them occasionally. lol

    Heatheroo, I'm so human it's sickening. lol

    Cold, amen.

    Fem, I'm not done. SO not done. I'll be so glad when this accursed thing is DONE.

    X., I bought a decent sized group of people a round of shots. And I did drink a bit of Grey Goose, thus the outlandish bill. Given, I did drink a lot, but it was more expensive than I usually do.

  6. I would have been there to hold your hair while you puked. That's how much I think you rock.

  7. Ah yes, paying homage to the porcelein god. I think I've bought my way out of any potential purgatory time with all the sacrifices I've made to that guy.

  8. Awww, thanks Todd. You're a sweetheart.

    LOL, Jen. I'm right there with ya.


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