Thursday, December 07, 2006

Booked (and the Dixie Chicks)

Elise and I had what could safely be called the BEST GIRLS NIGHT EVER. We began the evening with a run to Half-Price Books where I picked up:

The Historian, by that Kostova woman ($1 clearance)
White Teeth, by Zadie "Bitch Supereme" Smith (also $1 clearance)
The Invention of Solitude, by Paul "Is That a Banana in Your Pocket" Auster
On the Road, by Jack Kerou-whackin'
Uncensored: Views and (Re)Views, by Joyce Carol "Writes So Much No One in Academia Respects Her" Oates

After fondling the books we hopped across the interstate to Razzoo's, otherwise known as Cajun Heaven for the Masses. I had "Crawdaddies Two Ways" (which, oddly enough, made me think of socially unacceptable sexual practices). It was a serving of fried crawfish tails, crawfish etouffe with dirty rice, and fries.

We quickly took to the car and made our way to the American Airlines Center, and upon our arrival we purchased $7 beers and took our floor seats just in time to see the opening act: PETE YORN! I've never been so trhilled to see a not-sucky opening act (usually it's Johnny Bumfuck and the Deliverance Club Band or somesuch). The Chicks took the stage promptly at 9 and played until 11. Excellent selection of songs from all 4 albums, and as an added bonus: "Mississippi" by Bob Dylan, and a new song they wrote with Pete called "The Neighbor." I'm thrilled that this concert was Elise's first country show, because it was quite a spectacle. The Chicks continue to rock my socks, and I'm certain I will make every effort to attend a 4th concert the next time they tour through town. I will also be leaping tall buildings or blowing the people at Netflix in order to see the documentary "Shut Up and Sing" as soon as possible.

In other news, I've been absent these last few days because my days have been hijacked by two very long, very luscious young adult novels. Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. I'll remind you all of my fondness for L.J. Smith's The Vampire Diaries series from my adolescent days. While there are marked similarities between the two series, Twilight and New Moon had plenty of their own flavor--enough to tempt me away from work and sleep for two days. In fact, yesterday I finished the final 200 pages of Twilight and promptly bought New Moon. I read New Moon on and off from 3pm to 1am (450 pages), and finished that puppy up this morning. It could be a new reading marathon record for me--650 pages in a day. Whoa, mama! Go buy these books. There's nothing like a good human/vampire romance to get the juices flowin'. Thanks to Heather F. for steering me toward these fantabulous books.

Listening: "Mexico"...Jump, Little Children


  1. Doesn't it suck when you find a book you can't stop reading? You read and read and blow friends off and skip lunch and dinner.
    Then it's over.
    It always feels like there is a part of me missing.

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  3. Eeeeekkkk! I'm SO excited you loved them! Now I want to read them again, especially New Moon because I've only read it once.

    What did you think of the Italy scenes in New Moon? Especially that last one? And Jacob? I'm torn between him and Edward now. They are both such great, dark, broody, sexy characters! And you're right, Bella had a little more personality in NM. Still hell bent on getting her way, but she was more than a one-dimensional heroine.

    And I agree, I think New Moon might have been a little bit better, if only because it was a little better written.

    And expect your hits to go WAY up, a lot of mine are from Twilight searches.

  4. Glad you are back! I was starting to wonder....

  5. WOW! I've seen a few people review these two books and already had them on my list but now I feel I must run out and purchase them tonight!!!!

  6. I am glad that you bought Kerouac, he is underrated. On the Road is not the best written book you will ever read, but I think you will like it when Jack gets on the jazz-you will know, feel, and hear it when you read it. I read it on our mega road trip that we took four years ago. The Oates book sounds intriguing-let me know how that one is.

  7. Reading binges are my favorite. It sounds like a terrific girls' night. Great score at 1/2 Price, too!

  8. Kat, it does suck. But luckily all of my friends whom I blow off get really excited along with me because they love that feeling too. However, when it's over, I feel so sad. With these particular books I wanted to start reading them again immediately!

    Kelly, good luck!

    Heatheroo, I looooved the Italy scenes! I wanna go to Italy! lol While I do have a much bigger soft spot for Jacob than I expected, I think I still favor Edward. I love me some vampires!

    Thanks, Beth! Going to Junto tonight? It's at Susan's at 6.

    Heather (Orange Blossom), you MUST go get these books. Everyone must go get these books! They're soooo good.

    Fem, I'm looking forward to reading it. I can't believe I haven't read it already, actually.

    Thanks, Purl! I haven't had a reading binge in ages! I was due for a good one, and this one certainly was superlative.

  9. OMG - Reading your post made me remember the Vampire Diaries! I must have read them a bajillion times througout my stormy adolescence and into my teenage angst years ;) Damon was my favorite and I always wished that Elena would stop being into the weak Stephan and go with the bad-boy vampire.

    I suppose I'll have to look into a new book for the winter break...

  10. Yes, I think my heart will always belong to Edward. Jacob's hot, but he can't compare to Edward. *sigh*

    I may have to pick up Twilight when I get home. Forget Crimson Petal, I need some vampire loving! LOL

  11. Justa, weren't those THE BEST!!! I freakin' loved The Vampire Diaries and still re-read them constantly when I need something enthralling.

    Heather, re-read like the wind! And then buy The Vampire Diaries. I'm so serious. Every day you neglect reading the series, the more you'll kick yourself later.

  12. LOL! I think I'm going to have a Twilight/New Moon party tonight and reread my favorite parts. Did you go to her website and read the outtakes? AND the first chapter of Twilight from Edward's perspective? OMG it is awesome.

    Amazon has books 1 and 2 of the Vampire Diaries and I have them in my cart. I will get them, promise!

    I just noticed earlier, every time I think of these books (which I'm doing a lot to today thanks to you) I get this goofy grin on my face. Must be love.

  13. OK, this is going to sound pathetic, but I haven't read the chapter from Edward's perspective or the outtakes because I'm waiting until I come off the high and need some more Edward/Bella goodness. I've also been resisting re-reading my favorite parts for the same reason. I wanna re-read the part where they first kiss and he's nudging down her neck and whatnot. The sex conversation basically. *thud*

  14. My absolute most favorite part is when they go to the meadow and she sees him in the sun for the first time. When he puts his head to her chest I about fell out of the bed. SO freaking hot. Pretty much every time he touches her face I melt. Gah.

    OMG I feel like a freaking teenager.

  15. If I don't get Twilight and New Moon for my birthday or Christmas, I'm just going to have to buy them myself! You and Heather have convinced me.

    I'd forgotten all about Razzoo's! First time I'd ever seen fried alligator on a menu. Or maybe it was fried pickles. Maybe we'll hit the Razzoo's in FW next week. We're down for our youngest daughter's graduation from TCU! Yipppee. The Bank of Mom & Dad is about to close. :)

  16. YES!!!! OMG, that was a fabulous part. That's what I love about these books...they make me feel like a teenager!

    And the part(s) in New Moon when she's trying to decide whether or not to kiss Jacob. Rawr!!!

  17. Les, I just had my first fried pickle the other night. I LOVE alligator, but I opted for the crawfish instead. Now I wanna go back for the alligator. lol

    Have fun in DFW!!!

  18. **swoon**

    I forgot about that part. Must reread New Moon. Must! And Twilight! Thank God Ellie is going to the grandparents tonight!!

  19. You know, I typically don't read YA novels but you and Heather have been raving about these and make them sound so appealing that I have got to try them. I promise I'll put them on my TBR list :)

  20. Yay! Now, the key question: how long has it been since you've re-read these?? lol

    Iliana, I'm glad you're intrigued. They are SO GOOD!

  21. Hmm....I think maybe October? Yeah...or early November. I'd have to look to be sure. Not very long. Not very long at all. LOL

    YES Iliana! Read them! Read them!

  22. I saw the Dixies Chicks in Dallas too! It was a great show!

  23. Glad the concert was good, I give my left tit to see the Chicks in concert. Someday!

    I tried to read On the Road in high school, and couldn't do it.

  24. LOL, Heather! I can see re-reading them often! :)

    Anon, it was a fantastic show! Thanks for stopping in!

    LOL, Heather! Your left tit might have something to say about that. And I'll let you know how On the Road goes.

  25. I love pete yorn. beautiful man. beautiful music.


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