Saturday, December 02, 2006

DONE! Now let's all get nekkid....

I'm thrilled to say, I'M DONE! Done, done, done. I finished the bane of my existence (paper) last night around 8:30. I'm sorrowful to say that I did not reach 18 pages...a mere 17. Fuck it.

I'm housesitting for a professor this weekend, so I promptly ran through McDonald's for a bit of take-out (nothing like a good artery clogging to celebrate) and retired to the very cool house I'm sitting in for HBO watching and phone talking. I was waiting to hear from Goose on a round of celebratory libations at the pub, but I accidently sacked out instead, my body warmed by two very sweet dogs (one long-haired weenie dog, one really old chihuahua-lookin' thing). Sorry Goose!

Tonight I'm hosting a soiree (we have the prof's blessing) full of booze, food, and whirly dancing. We're gonna flail like it's 1999. Until the 7:00 hour rolls around, you'll find me finishing my very large cinammon roll from Cow Hill Coffee House...a fine establishment...accompanied by my chai latte. Next I'll be heading over to the supermarket for foodstuffs, and then I'll return to the borrowed abode for some quality reading/lounging until I find myself inching toward that fateful moment when my peeps decend upon the house. I'll have to primp and cook. Oh what a joyous event it shall be.

Then I have to read for my thesis proposal defense. Fuckers. It never ends.

Listening: Josh Turner


  1. Woo, congrats on finishing! Have fun tonight, too.

  2. It's cool. The Hall was pretty creepy at 12:30. No beer or anything. Just Diet Coke and Snickers. Good job with the 17 pages, mans. I'll probably attend the soiree after all! WOW!

  3. Woohoo! Feels good, doesn't it??

    Where's my picture?

  4. SO Ready to Party! I have some veggies to bring that are leftovers from Max's B-Day party. See you tonight!

  5. Last night was pretty fun.

    Only 2 days until the Dixie Chicks!

  6. Hurrah for being done! Now what happened at the party?


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