Thursday, December 21, 2006

Just in case....

I'm switching over to the new blogger. On the off chance that it locks me out, deletes all my posts, or somehow otherwise fucks everything up, I'll move over on my Livejournal with further instructions for bloggy goodness!!! So, if you don't see any more posts here, go there:

Otherwise, and I hope this is the case, I'll be back later today with posty goodness and a Googley blog.




  1. hmmm, everyone's changing over. I'm still too scared. we'll see. Let me know how it goes

  2. Good luck, oh, adventurous one! I'm going to go down with the ship, as it were, and won't move until they peel if from my clenched fist.

    On a cheerier note--Merry Christmas, Andi!!


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