Friday, December 29, 2006

Droopy thumbs (up)...

Went to see The Holiday today. It was cute, nothing special, fair to middlin'. Jude Law was exceedingly handsome, Cameron Diaz was exceedingly annoying, and poor Kate Winslet (my lesbian wife) got stuck with Jack Black as a love interest and the short end of the story arch. So unfair. I rate it 3/5.

I finished watching Gangs of New York tonight after having it out from Netflix since October. Talk about dragging my feet. In the end it was very good, and I got a nice history lesson from the Discovery Channel documentary on the DVD extras about the gang wars the movie was based on. My Irish heritage is feeling enriched. And though I still found Cameron Diaz exceedingly annoying in this movie as well, Daniel Day Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio were enough to garner 4/5 stars from moi.

iPod says: "Maybe I'm Right"...Pete Yorn


  1. I had thought about going to see The Holiday with my daughter last week, but she suggested We Are Marshall instead (she doesn't like Diaz). We Are Marshall was surprisingly good, although there were several lines that hit a bit too close to home and I wound up choking down a few soft sobs. I'll catch The Holiday when it goes DVD.

  2. I'm loving me some Leo these days... :)

    I kept Narnia from October 1 until I finally turned it in yesterday. Procrastination much?

  3. Les, my cousins went to see We Are Marshall, and they enjoyed it, but given my tendency toward free-flowing tears for the last couple of weeks it's definitely not a good idea for me. I can *only imagine* how hard it must've been for you. The Holiday is a good feel-good movie, but pretty contrived in parts. Still funny enough that it made me LOL quite a bit.

    Cold, I think I have Little Miss Sunshine and Rushmore coming next, and they're sure to get watched faster given my jonesness for Jason Schwartzman and Steve Carell. How'd you like Narnia?

  4. You ought to have known better, no?
    You'll love Rushmore and Little Miss Sunshine or I'll give up my blog. I mean, your blog.

  5. Dale, I ought to have, but I just wanted a schmoopy love story, and it didn't even do that very well. Blarrg. Can't wait for Rushmore and Lil Miss Sunshine! And I got Shopgirl in the mail today. Woot!


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