Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Shopgirl and Miscellaneous out the wahoo....

My left ear is apparently too small for an ear bud. Right ear, no problem, left ear no way in hell. It falls out every time. The iPod car adaptor isn't working for me either, so if anyone has any recommendations for adaptors that don't sound muffled or otherwise like crap, lemme know.

I've been doing absolutely no reading, which is quite disappointing seeing as I have a month off from school during which I *should* be soaking up the written word. All I seem to be interested in is music, movies, TV, and Playstation, though. On the up side, I just finished watching a fantastic movie...Shopgirl. It's adapted from Steve Martin's (yes, that Steve Martin) novella of the same name. It stars Claire Danes as a reserved, somewhat dowdy Saks Fifth Avenue glove counter worker named Mirabelle who meets the schlubby loser, Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman), and quickly passes him up for the suave older man (Steve Martin) who appears on the scene. All of the characters undergo some sort of transformation, and while much of the movie is very internal, uneventful and character driven, there are some nice visual things that move the plot along and represent the characters' respective changes. It's a visually stunning movie, quite funny (Schwartzman especially), and just downright quirky and interesting. Now I don't know if I should read the novella or just let the movie stand as is. We'll see. I'm not reading at the mo' anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter toooo much!!!

Tomorrow: start writing the thesis, get some crap out for publication, and have dinner with Elise. Good day, good day. G is on his way to New Orleans for New Year's and will be reading the Sting memoir I gave him for Christmas. At least someone is enjoying a book!

Ear bud progress: none. Still falls out. I don't why I keep trying.

Oh, and I think I have a crush on Craig Ferguson. I want to stroke his accent.

iPod says: "Not Ready to Make Nice"...Dixie Chicks

Edit: It finally dawned on me to try the adaptor I used to use for my XM Radio. Works like a charm! The iPod has found a home in my car.


  1. I loved Shopgirl the novella, but haven't seen the movie yet. I'm sure I'd like it too, as I love Jason Schwartzman and Steve Martin. It sounds like they stayed pretty true to the book.

    Wow, I was out for a week and finished three books and a couple of short stories in another! You better get a move on girl! LOl

  2. I loved Shopgirl too - really a wonderful movie and so very well done. I found the ending particularly powerful. I haven't read the novella yet - I think I'll wait for a while until I don't rememeber the story so well. Enjoy your time away from the books - sometimes it's necessary.

  3. Adding Shopgirl to my Netflix queue. Sounds good to me. I haven't been reading much either! It's been a couple of weeks since I finished a book. Just too distracted with the holidays and my daughter visiting. I'll get back to it tomorrow. We watched The Devil Wears Prada, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. It's predictable, but I loved Meryl Streep. Perfect for the role! As far as earbuds, I gave up on them and use the old-fashioned headphones with the little foam pads that cover your ears. Works well on a cold day on the bike trail. Better than earmuffs!

  4. Heatheroo, I love Schwartzman! Love him! And I didn't even know it, but that one movie was enough to bring his celeb crushworthiness to my attention.

    What books did you read??!?

    Courtney, I suppose the away from books time is necessary sometimes. But it blows when I have 400 books sitting here staring at me from the stacks. lol

    Les, I still need to give The Devil Wears Prada a go. I've heard good things. As for the earbuds, I would love for them to work since they're so packable, but I fear it'll be the foamy kind for me. I prefer them for comfort reasons anyhoo.

  5. I find that earbuds sometimes make my ears ache after awhile so I got foam ones like Les suggested but instead of having a headband they kind of clip over the top of your ears. Does that make any sense at all??

    Oh wait, I found some. clicky

  6. I have a serious problem with the earbuds for my ipod they never stay in my ears. My ears are too small.

  7. Sassy I love those that you linked. I may have to hunt those down. Earbuds make my ears ache, too, so the clips are definitely a good option.

    Blitch, it sounds like a plague of small-eared people! I'm right there with ya.

  8. Sounds like I need to see Shopgirl. Right now I'm trying to convince anyone to go see Volver with me.

  9. Cincy! Thy sexiness has been missed! And you do absolutely positively need to see Shopgirl.

  10. I read Shopgirl years ago, but have yet to see the movie. I forget most of the book...

    I have the earbud problem too! I was using the buds that came with my Creative Zen Micro for over a year until I lost the foamy things, and then they wouldn't stay put. It was so bad that if there was even a slight breeze one would pop out.

  11. I totally heart craig ferguson, earbuds make my ears hurt too, so I use the headphones that fit over the ear (also, they don't fall of att eh gym) and Shopgirl the novella is a nice little read.

    I gotta go back to the gnomes.

  12. Heather, definitely see the movie. I ordered it previously viewed from Netflix for a grand total of 6.00. I find that terribly titilating and am very proud of my bargain hunting. Woot! And speaking of breezes and earbuds, I sneezed last night and they both popped out of both ears. GRRR!

    Lulu, Craig Ferguson = sexy bitch. Might have to put an icon of him up with Hugh Laurie under the "Obsessables" heading on the sidelines there. And foamy headphones would def be better at the gym. I can't imagine trying to hold onto my buds on the bike. Urrg. Good luck with your gnomes!

  13. Have you seen Rushmore? If not, GO rent it! It was the first movie I saw Schwartzman in. It's awesome.

    I finished The Secret History, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Tithe by Holly Black. Tithe would be right up your alley.

  14. Heather, I haven't, but they mentioned it on the Shopgirl extras so I added it to the tippy top of my Netflix list. It'll prolly come in next week. Yay!

  15. I liked Shopgirl - didn't love it, but liked it. I never have managed to read the book, although I desire to. It's so tiny and manageable, I can't believe I haven't gotten to it.

    Are you enjoying On the Road? I never finished it but liked what I read - another I need to get to.

    I'm no help on iPod thingies. I stick mine on a whatchamacallit that has speakers but don't carry it and hubby steals it half the time for travel entertainment.

    Finally managed to post a flamingo pic and I'm telling you in the wrong place. If you see this post, it's at my Recent Developments blog, which is probably easy to find since I'm signed in as Toesies instead of Bookfool.

  16. LOL, Nancy! I'm off to check out the flamingo riiight now! I just started On the Road and so far, so good. Although, I didn't get too far into it because I had to finish watching Gangs of New York and then I watched Barack Obama on Oprah (again).


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