Monday, December 18, 2006

Son of a...

I was running slightly late for a dentist appointment this morning when I reached into my as yet unpacked bag from housesitting this weekend. My middle finger quickly and painfully collided with the business end of a disposable razor and I'm left with a thinner, bloodier finger and typing is suddenly a bitch of a task.

Listening: "Moonlight Sonata"...Beethoven


  1. Severe ouch! Hope the Beethoven's helping soothe it!

  2. Yikes that sounds painful!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, was nice to see a new face!

  3. YEEEE-Ouch! So sorry to hear that. I do stuff like that ALL THE TIME, and most recently sliced my finger on a freakin' slide projector. I wish everyone would just take a deep breath and leap into the 21st century, as it's only the archaic equipment that's likely to threaten to actually sever a digit. I don't think any every cut touching a DVD, but then again if one's resourceful enough maybe... maybe...

  4. Here, suck on this... it will make me--I mean you-- feel good :P

  5. yuck! hope it's better

  6. Yeeeooow! That hurts! Heal fast, Andi.

    BTW, are you one of the last holdouts on the Beta thing? I can hardly post anywhere - still haven't bothered to get a google ID, though.

  7. Damn, a boo-boo. I'd like to kiss it and make it better.

  8. It helped muchly, Os!

    Claire, thanks for stopping by here as well! I'll definitely be by to visit again.

    Heather, that's exactly what I said!

    Lisa, that's just talent to slice your finger on a slide projector!! lol

    Johnny, eeewww.

    Funky, much! Not even wearing a bandaid anymore.

    Nancy, I tried to change over but my blog is too big. :( I already had an obscure gmail account, so I use that to sign into the Googley blogs.

    Aww, thank you, Toddsky.

    Lol, AMS. :)


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