Saturday, September 30, 2006

The plan...

We're having dinner tomorrow at 8pm with a possibility of drinks afterwards. Cross your parts that he's not:

1. An overly agressive perv
2. Serial killer
3. Douchebag
4. Whiner

I'm nervous!

Friday, September 29, 2006


Plans are on to meet the Barrister either tomorrow or Sunday. EEEEEK!!! More later....

Edit: Dinner, Sunday night. No details yet. Stay tuned.

Listening: "Let It All Hang Out"...The Hombres

Son of edit:

This, darlings, is a skin lamp. If you see one after Sunday--and you haven't seen me blog--it could be me.

Listening: Texas Country mix CD that Jeremy made for me.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

If You're Happy & You Know It, Blow Your Nose!

The snot monster wins again. I feel like ass and I have no time to do so.

To do before Monday:
  • Write 3 abstracts for various conferences.
  • Read Feed
  • Read Baudrillard "Simulacra" essay
  • Read Chapter 2 of My Fundamentalist Education for my 101 class
  • Grade 44 essays
  • Revise paper I'll be presenting in Savannah next Friday
  • Be "honored" at a high school reunion Saturday night for my academic accomplishments (the Alumni Association likes to show off past scholarship recipients)
  • Get titles together to pass them off to someone to make up panels for the conference we're throwing on October 20th
  • Get the 'zine online

Pray for my soul.

Currently: Laying around in my pj's wishing to watch the last disc of season 3 of Scrubs. Enjoying the new knowledge that I most certainly passed my comps and D-rock is sending suggestions for structuring the proposal. And enjoying the fact that I've lost 7 pounds since Sunday. Life's pretty good. Overwhelming, but good.

Talked to SoD last night. Awkward. Date is looking unlikely for this weekend.

Cooking for dinner: Balsamic chicken and veggie saute!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

There's news afoot....

Oh. my. God. I have a headache so blinding I'm fucking blind. For the second day in a row.
I also have a date this weekend should I choose to accept it--not with the Barrister. With the film/tv/radio guy from the local uni. We'll call him Sod (because he's a Shaun of the Dead fan). Nice guy. Young. Cute. So why am I not sure I wanna go out with him? Oh, I know, because I'm fat!! And while it looks like a family of four has moved out of my pants, I'm still not happy!!
I'm irreversibly fucked up, I fear.
More later. Must go to class and try to look mildly smart.
Listening: Gnarls Barkley in my head
Eating: Lettuce and chicken...South Beach bastards
Edit: The Barrister is back in town!!! Let the e-mails and phone calls commence. *happy dance*
Listening: "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely"...Ricky Martin and Christina Slutulara (Cheesy Musicfest '06 right here in Andi's bedroom)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sleepless in Texas

This is the first sleepless night I've had in ages. Probably because up until I finished comps I was too tired to hold my eyes open past 9pm. Now I'm back into my fucked up sleeping schedule--at least until I start drafting my proposal.

But enough academic bullshit. I've been laying here in bed thinking about boys. The latest Match guy (Lurcher #2) is such a complete ass chaser it's almost chortle-worthy. Finally got tired enough of his antics that it was no longer amusing, so I told him to bugger off.

Jeremy said to me this weekend--as we were dancing in the kitchen--that he could tell I'm really "stoked" about Barrister. And he's right.

As much as I am that independent girl who gets weirded out by public displays of affection, flowers, candy, and any use of the phrase, "make love," (vomit) I would still like to meet someone with whom I can giggle and get butterflies in my tummy, and with whom I can debate the nature of the universe. And a British accent is nice too.

So, yes, I really have my fingers crossed. I'm lonely. It sucks. But even if it doesn't work out, I'll be ok. I shan't settle.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Red!!!! And lots of brown and some blonde chunks--for that calico look.

Friday, September 22, 2006

And I'm back...really!

So the Masters exam is done. DONE DONE DONE! I feel pretty good about it. Thesis Director gave it a couple of reads and she's waiting to hear from the rest of the committee for the go-ahead. Next steps: first draft of thesis proposal and then thesis proposal final draft and then proposal defense. Then I can start writing my thesis. Woot!

Week after next is the Savannah conference which will likely be mostly anticlimactic given that I'm flying in on Thursday and back out Friday night after my presentation.

So, what have I been up to you ask? Nada. Workin'.

The only new developments are on the front. Always entertaining I tell you. I've now had 10 winks and several e-mailers that never bothered with the introductory wink (which is fine by me..the whole virtual winking business seems a bit of a pussy'ish move on their part).

Out of the 15 or so men who've winked or e-mailed I consider 4 of them "live ones" with any hope of entertaining me or taking me out at any juncture. Still at the tippy-top of the list is the Barrister. He's fun. We haven't talked on the phone this week, but have been e-mailing daily. He's out of town until next week, and we plan to meet up when he gets back. I've already googled him, and he seems to be legit. Unless he set up a fake law firm website to fool all the girls who google him before he hacks them up in little pieces and makes skin lamps out of them.

DG has fallen off a bit. Not sure what happened to him. Perhaps I wasn't quick enough to jump on AIM and chat with him. Should that be the case, fuck him. I had an exam to write.

The 23-year-old from the local uni had begun to lose my interest, but he e-mailed yesterday to apologize for the very fluff-oriented conversations we've had thus far and asked me some "get to know more about you" questions. Nice guy, but I'm thinkin' he may not have enough to say to really keep me interested.

And that leads me to B. He seems like he could be "Lurcher the Second." We haven't even talked on the phone and he's ready to go get a drink and celebrate my exam being done. He hasn't said anything lewd (refreshing) but I still get a bit too much of an "empty-headed party guy" vibe. We'll see.

On other fronts: I've been buying new music like a bastard. I broke down and bought the new Justin Timberlake album, and while I was a bit disappointed at first and thought it was mediocre at best, it's beginning to grow on me. It is still mediocre, but at least my ass begins to sway when I play it. Especially track #9. Everyone go download "Summer Love." Legally, of course. STAY AWAY, FEDS!

I also bought Coldplay's old album, A Rush of Blood to the Head. I'm a day late and a dollar short, I know, but it's still good car music. I should've bought it sooner. "Warning Sign" could be the best song ever.

With that, I'm off to watch Proof with my 11:00 class. Tonight I'll *finally* post pictures of my stripey hair. And curly. I've been curly a lot lately.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Barrister is charming. Just got off the phone. Dinner plans are in the works. We're planning to go out for Indian when he gets back from vacation and I get done with the nuttiness that is this damn exam. I'm so excited I might not sleep now. Did I mention he's charming? And delightful? And OH SO English.

15 pages down on the exam---5-7 left to go. Woot!

Listening: "The Scientist"...Coldplay

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Comprehensive Exam....*drum roll*

I have in my hot little hands the one question that constitutes my Masters exam. I have one week to write a 15-20 page response. It's tailored to my thesis topic (graphic narrative and the oral tradition [shuddup Todd]) and will lead to my proposal and help me lay out the chapters of my thesis.

Nothing terribly surprising here. I can do it! But if I'm noticeably absent for a few days it's because I'm tied to my computer. Speaking of computers, mine has been a bitch, but it's now fixed--just in time!

Wish me luck. I wanna rock this thing so it makes my life easier down the road. Although I always put out the "I might be scarce" disclaimer, it's highly likely that I'll be posting and bitching. Ya never never can tell which way it'll go.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Regarding Lurchers and

I've been talking to Sports Guy on the phone a bit, and he's lurchy...just as I thought. For those of you who might not be familiar with the term "lurcher" it refers to one who hangs on so tight you find claw marks in your arm, shoulder, or even ass depending on how big a pain they are.

Sports Guy is a lurcher. He tries to play it off, but he's a lurcher. And on top of that, I think I may have met my match in the sexual innuendo department. He's got lines I've never dreamed of (and that's not necessarily a good thing seeing as I like to be the perv in my relationships...both friendly and otherwise).

Anywho, we talked Monday night for a bit, but he was on his way to a late softball game so we had to cut things short. He asked if he could call back later even though it would be pretty late, to which I replied in the affirmative. I'm a night owl!!! But what I failed to calculate was how early I'd arisen that morning, how much work I'd done during the course of the day, and how effin' tired I was. SO, around 10:30 I turned the ringer off and went to sleep.

Sure enough he called around 11, and I had an e-mail the next morning berating me in baby talk for having fallen asleep. So, being the nice person I am, and not wanting to believe that he could be such a fucking pain, I e-mailed him, explained that I'm cramming for my Masters exam and was wiped out, etc. Again, a condescending e-mail in return ("yadda yadda yadda, just call me later today when you free up"). SO, I called him last night, talked to him for a bit. At one point he mentioned that it's his b-day today (Wednesday) and he wished I could come to Dallas and "blow out his candle."

But the real kicker, right before I said, "Oh, God, look at the time. Gotta go," was when he said, "Well, hopefully we can talk tomorrow night. Maybe we can spontaneously combust."

No thanks, fucker. I'm a solitary combuster. The next thing you know he'll be sending me pictures of his speckled wang.

On a happier note: DG is enchanting. As is Barrister. And I got an e-mail from a film/tv/radio major at a local uni yesterday. Seems like an interesting guy, so I'll drop him a line today.

Edit: Both of the t-shirts below are on the way!!!

Listening: "New Slang"...The Shins

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Life at the mo'

Here's what I'm up to:

  • Taking comps next week, which means cramming this week.
  • Grading 2 sections' worth of essays (46)
  • Trying to keep away that fucking yowly cat (...but no more. He was caught this morning).
  • Fielding e-mails from 3 guys. GB turns out to be just as adorable as expected. Sports Guy is a new one, and he's a bit lurchy. Barrister is a 6'8" British lawyer living in Big D with a DELIGHTFUL sense of humor.
  • Sleeping. When I can.

Love you all. Smoochies!

OH, and I finished The Book Thief. It is quite possibly the saddest book I've ever read. It made me cry at least five times, but it was SO good.

Listening: Rascal Flatts..."Stand"

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yowl like you're in heat....

So far the experiment is indeed interesting to observe. I've had four winks. I actually e-mailed one guy--GB--web designer, loves sushi, seems to be able to put a complex sentence together, and he hasn't e-mailed back. Had other winks from guys we'll call Audi, Scrodder, and Hitch. Audi e-mailed me this morning....seems nice enough. We might chat later. Scrodder was a sort of greasy-lookin' million-dollar-smile-that-sparkles European man that wanted to show me pics of his wang. Hitch couldn't put a simple sentence together. Hmmmphf. My profile has been viewed 75 times. I looked over the 75 profiles of the 75 guys who viewed mine, and for the most part I was glad they didn't wink or e-mail.

In other news, there's a yowling cat plaguing me. Night before last it was yowling like a banshee early in the evening...8:30ish. HOWEVER, early this morning around 6:30 the yowling was in full, gut-clenching effect. It went on. And on. And on. And ON. Finally, in my sleep-dazed, eyes-half-closed, hair-all-a'fro, half-dressed state, I couldn't take it any longer. I stormed out of my bed, through the kitchen, into the garage where I proceeded to open the garage door and peep out at the hedges in front of my bedroom window. The neighborhood was asleep except for that damn yowling cat which just sat and eyed me like I might be fun for a quick roll in the hedge. I expected him to shit and run for his life at the first grindings of the garage door, but this cat was seriously out for some ass. SO, I began to hunt for something to throw. There was a surprising lack of rocks around anywhere, so I had to be creative. I ruffled through some boxes in the garage until I came away with an American flag on a stick--the type one might use to decorate a cemetary on Veterans' Day--and chased the cat's yowling ass over to the neighbors' house where it could croon without waking me.

And I went back to sleep until 9:30. Farewell horny cat. Don't come yowling at my window again unless you'd like to lose your naughty bits.

Listening: Angst Goes Dancing...mix CD

Reading: The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak

Friday, September 08, 2006

Should be interesting to watch...

I finally joined Now, there's a story here. Given my recent disappointments with boys I finally decided to advertise myself honestly. Brutally honestly--charged with sarcasm, a little bitchiness, and without hiding the fact that I'm smart. I find it ridiculously ridiculous the way we're required to self-censor in our culture in order to not freak anyone out in the early stages of what might or might not be a relationship. We put on pretty faces and fancy schmancy personas and then when the real person comes out, one or both parties run screaming.

Fuck. That.

SO, this what my profile says:

SWF seeks non-douchebag who enjoys intellectual endeavors, reading, loud music, silliness, crass humor, cursing, food adventures, travel, and existential thought. The bi-curious, retarded (completely subjective), co-dependent, spineless, asexual, and he-mannish need not apply. Preferential treatment given to the tall, artistic, hilarious, and well-endowed among you. Let's get together--make each other pee a little from laughing too hard.

Yes, I really posted it. The blatantly, scarily honest sample personals ad I posted here in August. My foremost motivation in this little experiment (which I actually undertook with the blog and 'zine in mind) was to see if I would get ANY responses. I figured the responses would be one of two types of people: 1) the sex-crazed, because I doubt they ever read a whole profile 2) someone who actually gets my humor, otherwise they'd be too frightened and appalled to ever reply in the first place. I don't give a crap if I ever even go out with any of these guys, it's just an interesting little test-tube-like net-based experiment to see if anyone in the world (besides my friends and you bloggy lovely peeps) respond to Andi turned up to 11.

I created the profile about midday yesterday, and I've had two responses in the last three hours. One looks as if he might be one of the sex-crazed, the other sounds like he has a shitload in common with me. I shall definitely e-mail the 2nd one. We'll call him DG.

Stay tuned.

Listening: "Let It All Hang Out"...The Hombres

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hmmphf. And DAMNIT!

Good. Fucking. Times.

There goes another boy that I thought was cute. They all dig my my friend.

Here Rabbit! Here boy!

Listening: "Smiley Faces"...Gnarls Barkley

Edit: 8-Ball Jesus--when I asked if I should actually buy the Rabbit pictured above--said, "Yes, my child."

Good enough for me.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Morbid Humor and Utter Blasphemy

How warped is it that I love this t-shirt?

While I would never kill myself and I don't endorse the killing of oneself, I do love this tee's wonderfully morbid humor. Although, I have to think the butterflies in my head are blue and decidedly not pink.

The blasphemy to which the title of this post refers is related to the new cute things I found upon arriving in my office this morning. One is the "Answer Me Jesus" doll. He's a neon pink Jesus that works something like a magic 8-ball. You simply shake him and receive and receive answers to all of life's questions. Things like: "Resist the Devil!" "I Died for This?" and "Yee of Little Faith!" In addition to the pink Jesus TheOtherFeminist also bought us a lime green Buddha head in an orange box. Pics forthcoming.

And I did a very "Andi" thing yesterday. I burned a mix CD entitled, "Angst Goes Dancing" in honor of this weekend's multitudinous ass shakes and I was a bit lazy and angsty yesterday. The playlist includes....

  • "Kissing the Lipless" - The Shins
  • "Pink Bullets" - The Shins
  • "Crazy" - Gnarls Barkley
  • "Sexyback" - Justin Timberlake
  • "Buttons" - The Pussycat Dolls
  • "Ain't No Other Man" - Christina Aguilera
  • "Dancing in the Dark" - Pete Yorn (cover of the Springsteen song)
  • "Mexico" - Jump, Little Children
  • "New Favorite" - Alison Krauss and Union Station
  • "On a High" - Duncan Sheik
  • "Cab" - Train
  • "She Is" - The Fray

...and a slew of other musical goodness (18 songs total). The list above is in no particular order, but the CD sort of starts off angry-angsty, moves into danceable but snarky, and ends with full-on darkroom music. Copies of said CD available for birthday presents and babyshower gifts upon request.

On a musical note, I'm off to buy the Elizabethtown soundtrack and the Gnarls Barkley album. The financial aid difference check finally dropped, and mama's got money burnin' the pocket.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Where did the night go?

Somehow Saturday melted seamlessly into Sunday with me only catching 2 hours of sleep. Hmmm.

Yesterday was the much-talked-about BYOL (Bring Your Own Lobster) party. Although, few of us actually brought our own lobsters as we preferred to max out Charles' credit card and pay him back later. It was a most-of-the-day event. We wrapped things up around 4:30 in favor of a break before we went to see Hardin Sweaty at Dada.

My friend Amanda--whom I've been friends with since undergrad (2001 or 2002 to be inexact)--came over and we made a night of it along with Elise, Daniel, Jeremy, Charles--and the Goose was playing, of course. We hit up Kyoto for sushi then went over to park ourselves on the patio at Dada until time for Hardin Sweaty to melt our faces off with their rocksmithing.

We'd been eavesdropping on the music from the club next to Dada all night (The Bone), and finally decided to partake of the booty shakin' around 12:30. The girls blazed the trail while the boys finished their Dada beers, and by the time they all made it over to The Bone we were well into the ass wigglin' and had already been sandwiched by a couple of strangers. Much to our utter joy and surprise the lead singer of Hardin Sweaty (Joe) showed up at The Bone for a little ass shakin' of his own and we all ended up in quite a few stacked, gyrating masses of music love. Post-dancing was the obligatory trip to Cafe Brazil for munchies, and while Amanda and I wanted to accept Joe's invite back to his place to hang out, it was already 3:30, Amanda had to be up at 7, and we were dead tired. Another hangout appointment is pending for later today.

Good times were had by all, but the two hours' sleep is a little iffy for me. I feel a nap coming on right here at 8:44am.

Listening: "The Fall"...Hardin Sweaty

Friday, September 01, 2006

It can only get better (I hope)....

Yesterday had to be one of the most hellish days I've had in a while. Nothing went my way it seemed (still seems).

I woke up with a mind-numbing headache that kept me in the prone position all day praying for a quick, decisive death. I avoided taking the magic pills (Tylenol Allergy Sinus) because they knock me flat on my ass, and I wanted/needed to go to my cousin's JV football game last night. SO, I stayed flat, watched Scrubs, and napped for the better part of the day.

The more distressing problem is my laptop. It appears to be on its proverbial last leg and longing for death as much as I was yesterday. I'm not sure what the hell is wrong with it. Well, I know what's wrong with it....running slow, can't hold an internet connection, running SLOW. It's less than a year old, I've virus scanned, spyware scanned, defragged, etc. etc. and it still refuses to behave. I plan to be on the phone with the warranty/help desk peeps for a significant amount of time this afternoon, and if we can't figure anything out I'll have to mail it to their fixers. Which means it'll be a significant number of weeks before I get it back. Which means I have to back up any and everything that is/could potentially be important. Thesis stuff, MP3's, thesis stuff, pr0n. You name it.

So, the aforementioned football game. I battled through the sinus headache pain and went to the game, ate the obligatory corn dog, and listened to my cousin (not the one playing) be the typical "football parent" that makes my ass twitch. You know the type---always yelling and bitching about the other team's refs and rules. Yeah, not fun when they were the visiting team playing in my hometown. Even though I couldn't give less of a shit about football or football in my hometown, it's still annoying when someone keeps saying, "Yeah, freakin' ______ ______. They always change the rules here." What. the. fuck. ever. rednecks.

Got home and realized that when Mom had grabbed the small keyring with only the car keys on it to save me from looking like a man with big balls when I put the keys in my pocket because she didn't have pockets, she inadvertently locked us out of the house. She meant to leave the door from garage to house unlocked since she grabbed the exclusively-car-keys keychain, but it didn't work out. SO we were locked out with no windows to crawl through without breaking them, no doors she was willing to knock down. SO, she had to go track down a cell phone (we left ours at home) to call locksmiths, and the only one willing to come out (for $100) was in Mesquite (35ish miles away), and a whiner. He showed up (out of the kindness of his black heart) bitching about how many hours he works and how far he had to drive (which turned out to be only 20ish miles after all). It took him 1.5 hours to drive the 20 miles apparently so we were locked out until around 10:30.

Once we got in, I set the 'puter to scanning (again) and went to bed after having doped myself up with enough Tylenol Allergy Sinus to kill an angry dragon only to wake up at 4am to realize that I had missed the report I was supposed to write down and pass along to the help desk peeps, which means I'll have to run the hours-long scan again when I return home today.

Gotta go teach. Be back later.

P.S. The dying computer presents a large problem for getting the 'zine online. More to come on how I'm gonna rectify that situation.
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