Tuesday, January 16, 2007

5-Alarm Rant

I typed up a long post about how irritating it is that people so willingly bag on my job right to my face (or over the phone), but when I read over it I just didn't think it worth the effort to bitch about at length. So, in the spirit of keeping things short and sweet...

Fuck you.

You own a bar for God's sake. I hope angry meerkats eat your face.

Listenin: "Paint it Black"...The Rolling Stones


  1. Wait, what happened? tell me so it will take my mind of the F****** that kidnapped my granddaughter! Down with the man, man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'll tell you tomorrow. It's a stupid story.

  3. I love it. I feel that way sometimes too. It's just not worth bitching.

  4. I could send some big burly Canadians down there to kick ass for you if you like!

  5. I find that a healthy FUCK YOU (all in caps, mind you) often takes care of alot of things.

  6. Yep, I'm right there with ya Kat. Sometimes I tire of the sound of my own voice--in real life and in print.

    Heather, send 'em on! I'll put 'em to use!

    Good point, Os. I totally agree. I was going for a bit of a cold, understated "fuck you" in this post. Again, the result of my tiring of my own voice.


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