Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Andi Blogs Dallas

In an effort to diversify my blogging experience (and maybe make a little extra cash doing something I like), I applied to to be a Dallas blogger. In essence, I post at least twice a week about some of the goings-on in the Dallas area, and I get paid for the number of people that hit up my posts. SO, you'll be seeing little reminders about my posts in case you're feeling charitable and wanna help me pay off my student loans by clickety-clicking your way over.

Beyond the money (which is likely to be minimal), I also wanted to get some extra writing experience--another line for the resume--should I ever seriously try to get a job writing somewhere. Which is a distinct possibility given my disgruntled stance in regards to my educational life at this point. AKA, the great nervous breakdown/quarter-life crisis of 2007. That's what I'm officially calling it. Charming, eh?

And beyond the aforementioned beyond, I just like writing about stuff to do in Dallas. I love it, and everyone should come here and visit me so they'll love it too.

So, without further ado, check out my other bloggy home and my post on the Dallas Museum of Art's "Arts & Letters Live" series. Bookish peeps, this one's for YOU!

Click HERE.

Edit: And I've set a goal. A worthy, must-do-it-or-hate-myself-for-months goal. I am going to Albuquerque for a conference in 2 weeks. I WILL sit my ass down day and night if I have to between now and then in a valiant attempt to finish the bulk of my thesis. It will be in the hands of my director in two weeks and shortly after I hope it will go to the committee, and hopefully shortly after that I will defend. And I will be done. And I will coast like no one has ever coasted right into the end of my tenure as an M.A. student at Nameless Texas University. And I will do a happy dance, people. The happiest damn dance you've ever seen.

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  1. That sounds fun. Why can't we just play in Dallas all the time?Oh yeah, because we have a thesis hanging over our heads.

  2. that is so cool Andi! I like hyping up my area too, I feel like there's always so many cool things going on that need to be put out there for peeps to check out~ I can't wait to read your posts. AND if I'm ever in Dallas we're hanging out and we're gonna do all the cool things you suggest on your blog ;O)

  3. If I'M ever in Dallas, we're hanging out and gonna do all the cool things you suggest--hope you suggest alot of drinking! Plans must be made!!

    Good luck with the new venture! And your new goals!

  4. This is awesome Andi! Hope it's a lot of fun.

  5. I will watching the blog for suggestions, and maybe I will send you some ideas if I come across something cool in my wandering about the city.

  6. That's funny, I was wondering lately if my town would have any interest in setting up a blog, and if so if they'd pay me actual money to contribute to it. I don't even know who'd handle that, but it would be cool.

    Very fun you're doing this for the city of Dallas, Andi! I went, I saw, I read and I clickety-clicked! Don't spend it all in one place... ;-)

  7. E. I wish we could. I'd be in heaven.

    Funky, thanks! And yes, we must tear up the town if you're ever in Dallas...or I'm in D.C.!

    Os, we most definitely will hang out if you're ever in Dallas. Drinking I've got covered.

    Iliana, thanks! I'm looking forward to it.

    Cold, definitely send cool stuff my way if you run across any!

    Blue, contact your city manager or city secretary or whoever. They could probably lead you in the right direction if nothing else (my mom is a city secretary). :)

  8. Visit you in Dallas? Why I just might have to do that one of these days as long as the invite is still good!!

    As for Albuquerque, definitely go hit Gardunos for some great Mexican food, Saggios (by UNM campus) or Dion's for a great slice of pizza, Modelo for some great New Mexican food (especially the green chile) and Rudy's BBQ (some of my fave places in ABQ).

    It's a little obvious that I miss the West ... lol

  9. Cincy, get ye ass over here. We'd have a blast.

  10. Good luck with that dear. I am trying to find ways to make a buck online also.

    I will visit even if I don't have time/reason (not being in Dallas) to read!


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