Thursday, January 04, 2007

Douchebag o'the Day

Wow, I missed this when it happened. Virgil Goode--Congressman from Virginia--opposes the use of the Quran for swearing in the first Muslim elected to Congress, Keith Ellison.

Short blurb from

A Virginia congressman will not apologize for writing that without immigration overhaul "there will be many more Muslims elected to office demanding the use of the Quran," his spokesman said.

Republican Rep. Virgil Goode's letter to constituents also warns that without immigration overhaul "we will have many more Muslims in the United States."

And aside from the general and obvious douchebaggery of his entire approach to this issue, he also didn't bother to find out that Keith Ellison was born in the U.S. and converted to Islam in college. That, my friends, is quite enough to earn him my douchebag o'the day award, even if it is belated.

Read the entire article HERE.

Also in the news today, Nancy Pelosi will be made the first female Speaker of the House. Read an interesting reflection on Pelosi HERE.


  1. It's really astounding to me that Goode can get away with saying shit like that. I mean, he's entitled to his opinion and all, but being a racist bastard in the public eye usually doesn't work out for people.

    What a fucker.

  2. Fuckin' sucks I tell you. He should be flogged by a gang of angry midgets.

    And, yes, I will be going to see the Rogues!

  3. And the whole issue is irrelevant--members of Congress aren't sworn in like that. It's a group swearing in: they all raise their right hands and take the oath without holding any book whatsoever.

    On the other hand, I never believed I'd see Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

  4. Texan, true! Another reason Goode is a douchebag. Let's keep rackin' 'em up! ;)

  5. Estella, I used to comment as Purl--I'm from knittedandpurled. Somehow I showed up as Lisa in the post about the Book Thief (which I have ordered and am now in love with Markus Zusak) and Texan here.

  6. Hey, Purl! I was wondering who the new posters (Lisa and Texan) were! LOL

  7. Andi,

    And in a triumph of style over nitwits .. the Representative in question has asked to be sworn in on a Koran that belonged to Thomas Jefferson.

    The Library of Congess has agreed and it will be walked across the street from the Library for that sole purpose.

    It was part of Jefferson's collection which he sold to the Library after theirs was burned by the British. LOL LOL !!!

    According to the Representative, it's a testament to religious tolerance in this country. oh .. that ...

  8. LOL, I read that this morning, Suzz. I loooove it!!!!

  9. So what this Virgil Goode dude is saying is that only Christians should be allowed to be sworn in, seeing as they are the only people who would regard the bible as their holy book.

    Either that or people of other religions should just pretend to be Christian and swear on a book that has little, if any, meaning for them.

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  11. how stupid these people are and make themselves LOOK in front of the whole country - funny.

    the fact that so many of these people have a hand in RUNNING the country - terrifying.

  12. Ok, I am new here, and not trying to start a war, but...if no book is used in the swearing in process, then why are they allowing the representative to use the Quran(sp?)when no other representative uses any type of book?

  13. Fence, yep, that's the way I took it! Crazy, eh?

    Amen, Soj!

    WMY, I'm new to all this, but from what I've observed of the process these last few days through reading and on the news, there's a group swearing in. Now, I also saw on the news a separate swearing in of the representative that requested the Quran and he alone had his hand on the book. So--an anyone who knows, feel free to correct me here--I'm thinking that a) they each have a private swearing in that allows for photo opportunities, etc or perhaps b) the group swearing in is one based on the Bible, with the person doing the swearing-in holding and/or making reference to the Bible (thus those being sworn in, although not individually touching a Bible, are in essence "swearing on the Bible").


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