Sunday, January 07, 2007

Estella, you say?

Click HERE to read about the woman who may have inspired one of Charles Dickens' most famous (and my favorite) characters. The one and only, Estella.

Thanks to The Bluestalking Reader for such a fabulous post!


  1. Hey, lookie, that's me! I swung by to check out your blog, and whilst I was marvelling over the new look (VERY nice, by the way) I found myself. No, not in an existential way, but rather like when you're walking the mall and you catch yourself in a reflection and you think, "that person looks familiar," then you realize it's actually you, and you're glad you didn't say anything out loud because that would sound REALLY stupid. Yeah, that kind of finding myself.

  2. LOL, you described that so well! Couldn't have done it better myself. Love your blog a million times over!


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