Saturday, January 20, 2007

Give a hand!

Take a look at this wonderfully articulate post from Everything In Between in regards to the 2008 presidential election and her opinion of Obama or Clinton in office.

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  1. I'm an Obama supporter myself. Clinton has too much baggage and I think she is not as firm in her resolve. Obama is so fresh and active and PASSIONATE.

  2. wonderfully articulate? Only because of your enormous help! We could be a force to be reckoned with if we put our heads together. So, did you pee your pants with Hilary's announcement?

  3. Amanda, I'm definitely an Obama support as well, although I'm afraid he'll catch too much flack for his youth and "inexperience." We'll see. But I definitely think he's more of a visionary than anyone else.

    Courtney, you did plenty of articulating on your own! I did pee a bit when Hil announced, I must say. lol While I still dig Obama more, I'm down with Clinton if it goes that way.


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