Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice Day!

Right here on the first day of my classes at the university we have an ice day. Here in Texas we rarely get a fluffy, pleasant covering of the white shroud; instead God rains down on us (quite literally) freezing rain and sleet. Not fun. SO not fun.

If you'll notice picture 1 above, a shot of my humble abode, it looks kinda pleasant. Powdered-sugary, even. If you'll notice picture 2, things still don't look that distressing, but don't be fooled. That, my lovelies, is what we call ice. And beyond the obvious, there's quite a bit of black ice on the roads today. Especially the interstate and overpasses I would have to take to work. With stretches of I-30 and I-75 already closing due to the mass of accidents piling up, and a multitude of school districts calling it at day, I'm nestled all snug in my bed.

I have a certain amount of guilt as I sit here in my jammies not working on my thesis because I left all of my stuff in the office, and I'm beginning to panic. Maybe I'll write today and add quotes later from all the books not currently in my possession. Or maybe I'll watch Kinsey and Love Actually, which came from Netflix yesterday. Or I could play SIMS2. Or sleep. I'll update you on all of the anticlimactic goodness as the day progresses.

And now, for your reading pleasure, a transcript of the conversation I had with Elise this morning shows the undying hope that even teachers possess, that a bad weather day will prevail.

Me: Surely they're gonna close (because there was a mere 2-hour delay at the time of this conversation, and both our asses were going to have to venture out into the cold and ice if they didn't call school off).

Elise: Ya think?

Me: Everything else around here is closed, and all the cops that work with my Mom and had to come in from the surrounding areas said it's bad.

Elise: *reading the bulletin on the university website* "The Dallas, Mesquite, and Rockwall campuses will be closed today. The Commerce campus will open at 10:00. A final decision about the close of the Commerce campus will be made before 10:00."
Me: Surely they're gonna close. *refreshes web site* THEY'RE CLOSED!!!!!

Elise: *yells at husband to tell him school is out* Well, looks like I'm going back to bed.

Me: Me too! Have fun!

Elise: You too!!



  1. I hope you enjoy your "ice day." I remember those awful storms when we lived in FW. Ugh. I'll take snow any day over ice. Speaking of snow, my daughter just called and said her flight out of DFW was cancelled (to San Diego). She said it snowed, yes, snowed, in FW last night. Did you just get ice?? Enjoy Love Actually. I watched it for the second time a week or so ago. Love the whole cast! Great soundtrack, too. Stay warm.

  2. We got a tiny bit of snow out northeast of Dallas, but mostly sleet and freezing rain. Blarrrg! Not fun. Supposedly we're going to get some snow this afternoon.

    Hope your daughter gets a new flight ASAP! I would hate to be trying to navigate DFW today.

    And I think I'm goin to watch Love Actually first. I can't wait!

  3. You lucky duck. I want some ice. Well, really, snow, but I'll take anything I can get. It was freaking 75 here Sunday. 75!!! It's so disappointing. There is usually snow for my birthday but the way things are going I could have a pool party! LOL

    Actually, we are supposed to maybe get a little something mixed with rain in the morning and Monday. Keeping fingers crossed.

  4. Lucky! We didn't get enough ice to shut things down in Houston. But even if we did, my dad would make me haul my butt into work...

    I'd love a day to study, and The Book Thief just came in the mail for me yesterday.

    Enjoy the movies! There's a hilarious scene in the outtakes of Love Actually.

  5. I am loving this weather!! I don't like snow/ice really but I am reading "Twilight" and being that I didn't have to go to work this is absolutely perfect! Enjoy your day and don't worry about your thesis, it'll be there tomorrow :)

  6. SUCH a poor teacher's attitude! You should be looking forward to teaching them every opportunity that you can!

    I'd like to note, as I have on other Dallas blogs, that you have more in the way of snow/ice than we've had here since early December. At least in my little corner of the state!

  7. I hope you get your snow and/or ice, Heather! It's been really warm around here until this freakish ice storm. Go figure!

    Purl, you're gonna love The Book Thief! Start it ASAP! Which scene were you referring to in the outtakes? I didn't get to watch them all, unfortunately. :(

    Iliana, do you love Twilight yet???? I wanna re-read it!

    LOL, Os, somehow I don't think ANY teacher wants to teach 'em all the time. ;)

  8. You know, I've actually had a semi-productive day, though in some aspects, it really wasn't all that great.

    I worked my ass off on Symposium stuff this morning (never again, I tell you, never again), made my lesson plans for class tomorrow, and started on my thesis ('effin finally!!)

    I also slept quite a bit and did some fun reading.

    Cross your fingers that the campus will close tomorrow as well. I wouldn't mind another day in my jammies.

  9. E., I wouldn't have minded another day in my jammies either, but it appears it's not to be. Although, I'm hoping the next round of winter weather kicks in early enough to get us out of class tonight (although I won't be bettin' on it). I wish I could say I was productive yesterday, but I mostly just hung around and played on my computer since all my thesis stuff is in the office. Meh.


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