Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Ugg. Feeling like crap today. It started last night and hasn't improved. Oh well, breathing is overrated.

If you'll point your eyes toward the lovely little face on the left, that's an egg separator called "Snot-a-mug." Because it's not a mug, it's an egg separator. Crack your egg into the head, tilt forward, and the whites run out the nostrils. Gross? Yes? Ingenius? Absolutely. I saw it on Take-Home Chef yesterday, and I think I might have to have one. Simply Google "snot" and "egg separator" and it's available from a number of fine online retailers.


Listening: "Before He Cheats"...Carrie Underwood


  1. Oh no not you too!! At least I'm pretty sure you didn't catch it from me.

    Do get well soon!

  2. OMG...that is abosolutely disgusting! The egg comes out of the nose??? Too funny :0)

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Extremely Wowed and Incredibly Gross.

  4. I've got the same creepy crud. This hotcoldhothotcoldcoldcold weather doesn't help!

  5. You watch Take Home Chef?? I can't get past that guy. And plus, I'm waiting for the day that he gets punched or stabbed by the husband who finds him in his kitchen and most certainly does not give a crap about gourmet cooking.
    Guess what I found in Big Lots? Zadie Smith's The Autograph Man. You find kitsch on gourmet shows and gems in junk shops. That's life.

  6. Heatheroo, yep, me. Although, after knocking myself out with powerful sinus meds last night, I do feel a little better. Gonna knock myself out again tonight. Gotta get up early and write. BLARRRRG!

    Kim, isn't it nasty?!

    Dale, you clever kitten. I *heart* you for making that literary joke.

    Blitch, it BLOWS (this weather, I mean). It's supposed to be crazy cold this weekend--arctic front and whatnot. Awesome! *throws the thumbs up*

    Abby, upon a first look, he's hot. Then you look at him some more and he's got on way too much makeup and sort of looks like a cartoon. Eek! He actually cooked with a GUY on a show I watched earlier in the week. I was shocked.

  7. That is so excellent!! I want one! (Hope you are feeling better soon!!)

  8. That thing is great! Disgusting, but hysterical! Hope you're feeling better, too. I've got it, as well. I finally fell asleep the other night thanks to a combo of brandy and Xanax.

  9. Heather, so far, not feeling better, but at least I have some time to lounge around and read whilst the cold runs its course. *coughsneeze*

    Les, isn't it disturbing? But fun! LOL I think I'm gonna try the brandy and Xanax tonight!


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