Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So confused...

OK, help me out all you foodies around and about. If someone came up to you and said, "I'm making a lasagna with wild mushrooms. I'm going to the wild mushroom farm down the road."

Wild mushroom farm?

Isn't that an oxymoron? Doesn't the farm part negate the wild?

These are the things that bug me. All this inane introspection brought about by another late night watching Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network.


  1. No, you're approaching this all wrong. She's going to the farm where they grow the "wild" mushrooms, as opposed to the "nice" mushrooms that obeyed their parents, stuck to their curfews and didn't get their nose pierced. I would beware of the lasagna made with "those" shrooms!

  2. That's kind of an oxymoron isn't it? Farms seem to cultivated to grow something wild... hm...

    Hey, I started The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening by LJ Smith last night! Whipped through about 60 pages before I passed out. I'm loving it so far!! I hope I can locate #s 3 and 4!

  3. Os, LOL, good way to approach it. Had to throw in the nose ring didn't ya? ;)

    Heather, I know for a fact that they have all of the Vampire Diaries books available on! Have no fear.

  4. ha ha, "wild" mushroom farm. Maybe it's just a crazy place where they party all night and pick mushrooms...?

    Yeah, doesn't make much sense. I assume what they mean by wild mushrooms is the type, ie: not the general white button mushrooms...?

  5. Ah! I'm on my way now! Thank you SO much!

  6. I suppose they are referring to a type of mushroom, as opposed to where or how it grows. Although, perhaps it does refer to a psychedelic variety.

  7. I know nothing of mushroom farms other than what I once saw on an episode of Dirty Jobs...

    In other news, I finished The Book Thief tonight. Sweet zombie Jesus, thank you for telling me about that book. It was AMAZING. Wowowowowow. I do have a burning question about the end, but don't want to ask you here since it's somewhat spoiler-y.

  8. Oh, thank you, Andi! I thought I was the only person on the planet who thought that way.

    And, looking at Heather's post about The Book Thief, I'm realizing that I'm actually envious of other people as they read the book for the first time. It was that kind of experience.

  9. Ha! That made me smile, thanks!

  10. Ha! Y'all made me giggle with your misbehaving and psychedelic 'shroom-talk.

    Heather, SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS! Best saying ever. And I'm glad you loved the book!

    Nancy, I'm jealous of first-time readers myself. I wanna go back and read it anew again!


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