Monday, January 15, 2007

What the hell was I going to write about?

I had a very entertaining post planned and it just left me.

Oh well.

Hugh Laurie won Best Actor in a Drama Series on the Golden Globes. Do a nasty little dance wit me!

Oh, and if you're a book whore like me, go check out Kimbooktu. It's a website updated several times daily with tons of great bookish items and gadgets and shtuff. It's addictive. Don't say I didn't warn ya!


  1. Hugh who?? I'll still do the nasty dance though. I'm all for that!

  2. I have the Golden Globules on in the background and Hugh's speech was pretty damned funny. I can see why he's your boyfriend.

  3. Yay Hugh!!
    And that website is VERY addictive!

  4. I SO want that spinny book table. It's hot.

    Pffft, Keifer shoulda got the Globe. Then again, GG don't mean anything...

  5. Awesome website! Thanks for the link. Glad you're feeling better. I still have the crud (going on 11 days now!), but feel better than I did a week ago. Did you get ice down there? It's negative (yes, NEGATIVE) 12 degrees!

  6. I was totally thinking of you when he won.

  7. ooh I'm going to love Kibooktu!

  8. I love the smell of newly mown grass.

  9. I thought of you when I saw him win, He is a very handsome man!

  10. LOL, Os. I know how you love the nasty dance.

    Dale, it was pretty damn funny. If I ever won anything I would want my speech to be like Hugh's and not some boring BS like so many others I could mention.

    Nat, isn't it!

    Awww, Heather, don't hate on Hugh. Of course, I can't say much since I've never seen an episode of 24. *ducking*

    Les, this crud hangs on like a mofo. While I'm feeling better I'm still coughing and snarfing and all sorts of other horrible things.

    Thanks, Lu!

    Enjoy, Iliana!

    LOL, Heather! Me too!

    Funky, yes, yes he is! I'm tellin' y' older man with scruff and way tall. It doesn't get much better.

  11. Enh, it's okay. I have a theory that people who like 24 hate House, and people who like House hate 24. There's only one place in my heart for a renegade who's always going against the grain!

    Besides, Jack Bauer killed a man with his teeth. Straight for the jugular!

  12. His TEETH? I'm not sure if that's heroic or disgusting. Definitely impressive either way!

  13. Yeah, about time! Go Hugh!

    I'm afraid to go to that website.

  14. Congrats to Hugh Laurie! :)

  15. Hey, I used to love both 24 and House until they killed off Tony. I looooooved Tony and we supremely pissed off when they did that. Lost me forever.

    Didn't Hugh look SO hot in that tux? Whew!

  16. Do it, Nancy! You know you wanna!

    Do the dance with me, Tish!

    Hugh sizzles. I love him! lol


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