Friday, February 02, 2007

Hermits Anonymous

Hi, I'm Andi, and I'm a hermit.

I've reached new levels of hermitude, kids. I should start growing my long white beard and coif immediately. My robes are on backorder, and my walking stick got delayed in customs.

I dunno what's wrong with me.

Oh, wait, yes I do. I want desperately to get a place of my own and a job that isn't this one. Right!

Anywho, I find that I'm praying for snow to avoid committments like baby showers and anything else that involves human contact (incidentally, we got some snow but it didn't mess up the roads). I'd really just kinda like to stay in bed and watch Take Home Chef and What Not to Wear 23 hours a day. No offense to all the friends I've been neglecting. It's not you, it's most definitely me.


  1. Yer allowed to feel like that once in awhile...

  2. I soooooooo know how you feel!!!

  3. LOVE that hermit graphic! Speaking as someone who's long fantasized about moving away to a remote cave, I know where you're coming from..

    Oh, in other news, I just finished my blog-promo for Estella's. Not even pretending there's a segue here...

  4. Thanks, Os. I'm indulging the feeling so that maybe it'll go away.

    Heather, we should form an "embrace your hermitude" club. :D

    Blue, I want a cave equipped with a hot tub, high speed internet, and unlimited book space. Then I'd be a truly happy camper.

    Thanks so much for the ER promo. I tried to leave a comment on your blog but it went all wonky (several times) and wouldn't let me leave it. :(

  5. Cheer up already!!! ;)

    It will happen when the time is right.

    We didn't get hardly any snow. Barely a dusting. I was so disappointed.

    Hey, Stephen Fry is going to be on Bones soon! I'm so excited! Now if he'd only guest on House!

  6. you must be my long lost twin sister!

    i never leave the house anymore. since they put in the grocery store downtown, i drive my car maybe once a week.

    i was so disappointed we didn't get anymore snow. i didn't get even a stray flurry downtown. i wanted to get iced in again. even tho it really doesn't make any difference to me. i'm not going out regardless. :p

  7. I so understand. I am going home to read Huck Finn in the bathtub.

  8. Just run with that feeling. I have to admit, I love getting into my PJ pants, sweatshirt, my Netflix, and a tub of buttery popcorn and just vegging.

    Don't worry; you're just beyond that point where you feel the need to constantly be doing something.

    When I come visit, we'll do the same ;)

  9. I've been a hermit for many years, but I reach new levels all the time.

    That image reminds me (although I can't say why - he looks more like Santa Claus than Dickens) that I forgot to mention I've started Great Expectations. Go Pip.

  10. OY! Welcome to winter on the east coast...oh wait, you live in Texas! Look, here on the east, that's just what we do. It's cold out, it's dark, all we want to do is eat and sit on our fat asses - it's like a hybernation of sorts.

    Look, don't beat yourself up. We all deserve some "me" time and if you want to snuggle up in your comfy bed and not go to lame activities like showers then it's your call. As long as it doesn't last forever cuz then people would miss you!

  11. People take a lot of energy. Sometimes you just need to step back and recharge your batteries, nothing wrong with that. ;)

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  12. Another me too, Andi! I finally told a friend a couple of weeks ago to please stop calling me for awhile because I was tired of hearing the phone ring. LOL!

    Just wanna be alone until I don't wanna be alone anymore.

  13. *HUGS*

    Being a hermit is ok sometimes, as long as it doesnt get taken too far... we dont want to have to have an intervention now do we?? ;)

  14. My husband feels like that way a lot too. My son and I plan weekend outings just so he can have his own time with no one around.

    He says it's worse when stupid people are involved. :)


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