Sunday, February 04, 2007

Indian, anyone?

Check out my newest post at the Dallas blog. This evening's spotlight: the Roti Grill. The Barrister took me there on date #1 after we realized our mutual attraction to Indian food. I really need to get back there. It's cheap and yummy. Too bad I won't be kissed Gone with the Wind style by a 6'8" Englishman this time. Ahh well. Such is life.

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  1. Very nice Andi! Makes me want to hop in the car and go get some Indian food!!

  2. Great review! I'd been wondering about that restaurant so I'm definitely going to give it a try now.

  3. Funkay, have some naan for me! What's your favorite Indian dish?

    Iliana, lemme know what ya think!

  4. Now I'm craving Indian food. And I NEVER crave Indian food! Great review!

  5. LOL, Courtney. Indulge! Indulge!

    Just call me the enabler.

  6. Majorette Fan Site

  7. I can't do Indian food ... bad experience. Do you still love me?

  8. Nice Review. Not a big Indian food fan...then again, this is the Midwest and there isn't a lot of Indian food to choose from!

    Today is Dicken's birthday, by the way! I thought of Estella when I posted it on my blog today. Great Expectations is the bomb!

  9. Thanks, Julieta. I'll check those out.

    Cincy, I do. You're too cute not to love.

    LOL, Stephanie. I never realized there was quite as much Indian food in the southwest as there actually is. I've stumbled upon nests of it lately.

    And yay for Dickens' birthday!!! I'll do a little happy dance in honor of it.


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